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I (heart) Boreanaz

Hi everyone,

It is my day toblog here at the TEB Hot Spot. Yes, I do not have a book out yet with TEB, but it is coming. I am very excited about it! NECTAR OF THE GODS should have a cover very soon. The release date is September, I believe.

Anyway, I am still thinking about last night. I am a big BONES and HOUSE fan and the season finales were on. I love love love David Boreanaz. Funny thing is, I grew up watching his dad, weatherman Dave Roberts, on WPVI TV in Philadelphia on a daily basis. (That is after the death of the original weatherman, Jim O Brien, in 1983 from a horrible skydiving accident when his parachute failed to open. Yes, I remember when that happened.) Obviously, it adds an extra wow factor to me that I grew up in the general vicinity of hunk-a-licious David Boreanaz.

Okay, so I sat down to watch my dose of David on BONES and curious to see what happened since he got shot by a looney woman stalker. They were off to his funeral. I startled my husband (who was getting the kids out of the shower) when I yelled, "WHAT?!? They killed him off?! WFT!! I'll never watch this stupid show again!"

SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

He isn't dead. The FBI set it up so he could catch some criminal who would only show up at Booth's funeral. Slick, slick writers. They are lucky, I was going to boycott the show in about 2 minutes.

One bummer though. I really liked the character of Zack. He won't be back on the show after this season. I can't believe they made him Gormogon's apprentice. he killed and hid bones in the Jeffersonian...and stole canine teeth to make some sort of demented set of dentures for Gormogon. Ugh...why couldn't they have just killed him off rather than taint his character for the previous episodes?


So what does David Boreanaz have to do with this post? Not much, I just was still upset over those damn writers of BONES scaring me. And to have an excuse to post a picture of him here. Not only is he a hunk, he seems to have a great sense of humor, which, to me, is much more attractive.

And today I got my income tax refund...I think I am going out to get a BONES DVD set.


Anika Hamilton said...

I have never watched bones but I so understand your feelings for David Boreanaz.

Ashley Ladd said...

David Boreanaz is cute but I'm not a Bones fan, either.

I grew up in Cincinnati where Nick Clooney, George Clooney's father, was our newscaster on Channel 12.