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In LA for the BookExpo America

Bumper to bumper traffic, tourists, heat, smog, buildings and beaches - LA is everything you expect and probably a bit more.

I'm in LA for the BookExpo, a huge convention for publishers and booksellers to come together, and here are a couple of my favorite things so far:

Zoltar, the mechanical fortune teller on Santa Monica Pier.
The gas station lady who called me "baby."
Spicy chicken from Chinatown.
The fake trash I saw at the set of ER on the Warner Bros tour.
Tons of people to watch. Everywhere.
Stories hiding around every corner.

I just about always use my traveling as a basis for a new story. The view from the Hollywood Hills is fantastic. Especially at night, with the stars overhead. I bet the ground is a bit prickly...maybe not. Do I need to go check it out before sending a couple there? Don't think so. The Hollywood Hunk -- it could work. Stay tuned.

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