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What Tomorrow Brings...

What tomorrow brings will be memories for me...of my dad. Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the United States. A time when we pay tribute to all those who serve and have served their country in the armed forces.

My dad was a aoft-spoken, quiet kind of guy. LOL - he always let my mom do the talking because she had lots to say. He was kind of hard to figure out, you never knew what he was thinking. But I did know this about my dad: he loved his country and he served it proudly.

I found out a lot about his military service after he passed away and my sister and I decided to sponsor a 'wall of honor' in a local park near us. My dad started out as a Marine, then joined the National Guard then served in the Army, where he continued his miliary service until he retired in the late 1960's. He fought in WWII and the Korean conflict. On June 14th, these 'walls of honor' will be unveiled . On that wall will be my father's name, along with countless other names of all those who served their country proudly.

But tomorrow, Memorial Day, is when I will pay tribute to him. I'll think about the mysterty that always surrounded him - perhaps he harbored unpleasant memories of war. Sometimes, those memories would come out in what I call fits and starts - bits of thought he'd recall, particularly about the Korean conflict. I'll think about how he always stayed quietly in the background of our family and how I wish he was here today.

Sometimes, I'm just like my dad. There's some mystery that surrounds me, too, for I'm a romance writer. My dad would make the perfect romantic hero. There's always something about a man in uniform. I could model a hero after my dad - give that fictional character the quiet strength my father harbored.

Tomorrow brings memories and a new way to pay tribute to my dad. I'll keep his memory alive in my writing...where he'll live forever in words.

Catherine Chernow


Ashley Ladd said...

Yes, we should remember our heroes and heroines who served and especially those who fought. My uncle fought in WWII Rainbow Division. I'm lucky - he's still around and although 80, he's in pretty good shape.

Hubby and I both served in the uS Air Force, albeit peace time.

I'm with you.

Catherine Chernow said...

Hi Ashley!

I salute both you and your husband this Memorial Day.

: )

Catherine Chernow