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Why E-books?

There are a lot of reasons to love E-books.

· No trees are harvested in order to create them.

· They take up only virtual space as opposed to real space so I’m sure they must help with the Feng Shui in people’s homes so that’s gotta be a good thing.

· You can load them by the dozens onto E readers, computers, palm pilots and other electronic media and carry them all instead of one or two paperbacks or hardcovers at a time.

· On the average, they’re considerably cheaper than bound books.

· No fuel is needed to transport the raw materials to the paper mills and printing presses and the finished product to stores.

· No chemicals are used to produce the ink and glue to print and bind the books.

Recently, another proof of E-book superiority has occurred to me. Most writers are voracious readers – I’m no exception. Like everybody else, the gas prices are killing my finances, and at four dollars a gallon, it’s really cutting into book buying budget. By reading E-books, I don’t have to waste gas by leaving my home to get a new book. I can browse endlessly online and pick out the prefect read.

So do your part to save the environment and your finances. Read E-books!


Lyn Cash said...

great post! - I have yet to get an ebook reader - WANT ONE, though.


Ashley Ladd said...

All GREAT reasons to read ebooks. But the best one of all, is they totally rock!

I love the ease of shopping online from home anytime of day or night and hubby's happy that our shelves are no longer clogged with dead trees.

Kelly Kirch said...

Excellent point. I have a reader now and use it regularly... although not at the moment. Sigh.

Molly Daniels said...

I hope mine will be arriving next December:)