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Ellie Tremayne says hello again.

Hi everybody Ellie here again,

Let me tell you about my new book with Total-e-Bound, Hunting Diablo. As with my other two book, Prince of the Three Mountains and Price of a Sword, Hunting Diablo is an historical romp but this time instead of us travelling thought medieval England we set sail for the Caribbean.

I have always loved stories about Pirates and the romance of the open sea in a tall ship with billowing sails . Of course there are the men. I mean what wouldn’t you love about a man in long black boots, tight breeches and an open fronted shirt?

Hunting Diablo is set in the Pirate Capital of Port Royal in Jamaica in the volatile Caribbean of the 1680s, and is a sensual, romantic adventure between Phoebe Stone and Nathan Frazer.

When Phoebe Stone arrived in Port Royal her heart full of hope of a wedding and married bliss. She is therefore shocked to find her fiancé Edward, in the hands of the sadistic pirate Diablo Ned. She vows to find him.

When she meets Nathan Frazer she judges him to be everything her fiancé is not and more. Her heart warns her to avoid entanglement with him at all costs, but can she? As she looks for clues to her fiancés disappearance Phoebe attraction to Nathan blossoms. But can she trust him or is he just another womanizing, pleasure-loving rake who will betray her trust and love?

Nathan Frazer has enough to do in Port Royal without having to keep the head-strong Phoebe Stone from danger. After their first meeting he tries to convinced himself she is too hot-temper, impetuous and tight-laced ever to excite his interest. But much to his chagrin, excite it she does. But can he capture the traitor and keep Phoebe safe and win her love from the missing Edward?

One of the delights of being a historical author is that I learn so much as I tell my characters story as I delve into the past. All the settings of my books are real. I put a lot of time and effort into researching all aspects of my stories. . For instance, although Hunting Diablo is a work of fiction, I have based it very much on fact and spent a great deal of time researching the details to weave around Nathan and Phoebe’s story. Port Royal, which is where most of Hunting Diablo is set, actual existed and was just as debauched and lawless as I portray it.

Hunting Diablo came from a very small idea, I’ll explain. I subscribe to the BBC History magazine and one month there was an article about the prostitutes who used to hang around the navel port. One picture in the article showed a boat full of brightly dressed prostitutes being rowed out to the ship to service the crew before they got ashore and spent all their money. I thought ‘that’s so good I couldn’t have invented it and I have to get that scene in a book’. And I did. For those of you who have read Hunting Diablo will know that Phoebe rows out to a ship disguised as a prostitute for reasons you will have to find out for yourself by reading her story.

If you go to Jamaica today, however, there is not much left of it because on the 7th July 1692, a year after Hunting Diablo, is set, 90% of the town disappeared under the sea as a result of a massive earth quake. Some said it was the hand of God punishing the town for its wickedness. I used actual street maps from the excavation work that is being done in the Kingston Bay to walk Nathan and Phoebe around the town. The brothel, The Two Puddings, where Phoebe stays is fictitious but the Mermaid tavern also mentioned was notorious for its riotous behaviour and in a town like Port Royal that was no mean feat!

I do hope that after finding out how I put Hunting Diablo together you will want to read all about Phoebe and Nathan’s romance and adventure.

See you next month

Ellie T

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Oh, I love pirates! My all time favorite romance (long before romance is popular) is Daphne DuMaurier's Frenchman's Creek.

Hunting Diablo sounds like a great read. Good luck with it!