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I know your deepest desires

Imagine if you will there is a place you can go that knows what you want. What you need. What is your darkest desire. A desire that you won’t even admit to yourself. A place where being different is embraced and you don’t have to hide what you are. The needs you have. A place where you may find Mr. or Ms Right or in some cases Mr. or Ms. Right for Now.

Welcome to Club Immortality where all you desires will be fulfilled. Nothing is taboo and privacy is a guarantee. We have been in existence for many centuries. Hidden from those who are sensually unaware. Now with the permission of some of our patrons we are about to bring you into the most exclusive club. With our tales we hope you will become enlightened.

I'm Micah and this is my mate Syn. Sit back, be tantalized, titillated and most of all let go your inhibitions.

Syn and Micah

From the opening welcome from the owners of Club Immortality I bring you into a world where embracing being you is expected. When I created Club Immortality I wanted a haven of sorts for the supernatural community to find their own sensual fulfillment. A place where even a supernatural being could find whatever was their deepest desire.

It could range from finding love, being able to touch another person without the fear of being shunned or any number of desires. With each tale of the Club Immortality I explore a sensual journey of the characters within the confines of Club Immortality and into the real everyday world of that patron of the club’s life.

I mentioned before about being different and in Club Immortality there is no such thing. Everything and anything is accepted. It is a haven for everyone. The Club itself knows what you need. Knows your desires and if it feels you are ready it gives it to you.

Differences is what makes us who we are. It would be boring if we all were the same. Ingenuity is abound everywhere and people perform feats everyday. It could be as simple as giving up a seat to someone or a smile could brighten someone’s day. You don’t have to be special to do things. Just embrace your difference and be you. I will leave you with a part of what is at the end of each Club Immortality book.

A lot of our patrons have to learn the lesson that you are only limited by your own imagination. Nothing is taboo and honesty between each other is the greatest of titillations.

Until next we met. Embrace your nature and go after you heart’s desires.

Take a journey with Club Immortality…..

Taige Crenshaw
...increasing the sizzle factor

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