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Lovin' Lingerie!

People have differing opinions on this topic. What type of lingerie is sexy? Is one colour more erotic than the next? Should the colour match the skin tone? Lace? Silk? Satin? Not worth the money since it's going to come off anyway.

Personally, I love Lingerie. (Capitalized because it's important!) If I'm feeling sultry, I prefer something long, slip up one leg, satin or silk, tiny straps - very 1940s like. The smooth material massages my skin with every movement. I feel very grown up and elegant in this type of lingerie.

Sometimes, though, I'm feeling vulnerable and want to be cuddled. I don’t want to be a grown up. I want someone to take care of me, to snuggle beneath a quilt and hug a teddy bear. Okay, so the teddy bear is really a euphemism for my incredibly sexy husband, but you get the idea. I tend to go for pink. When I was a little girl I wore baby doll P.J.s and I still like that style, but with a grown up twist. This type of lingerie whispers sweetness and sugar.

What if I’m not in the mood for sugar, but spice. When I’m in the mood to be drop dead sexy, it’s black lace - all the way! Pale skin speaking through dark lace, showing hints of what lies beneath the surface. Black still speaks of elegance, but with a naughty accent.

Naughty? On those nights when I’m all naughty and not at all nice – it’s time for red. Tiny little scraps of red barely covering the good part. Red shouts out – “Take me, I’m yours – if you can handle me!” Red is a hot summer night sipping cool champagne. Red is a panther stalking her prey. Red is passion.

Lingerie is also the perfect gift – as Alicia, the main character in Tasting Pleasure discovers in the following excerpt. She has agreed to be a birthday “gift” for Paul, a friend of Maverick (who is the love of her life and her Dominant). She quickly learns, though, that even the most sexy of lingerie can hold hidden dangers.

Late the next morning, Alicia signed for a package. Excited, she glanced at the return label and saw Maverick’s name and address. She grasped the parcel to her chest, hugged it and ran to the sitting room. Ripping open the card, she scanned the contents:

My darling,

Below you will find the time and directions for your rendezvous with Paul. He will be expecting you. While his ‘tastes’ are similar to mine, you will, naturally, adjust to his needs. Nothing marks a well-trained companion so well as versatility. As to his taste in food—anything goes. He’s used to subsisting on frozen meals or take-out. Prepare an overnight bag in case he requests your presence for an extended time. Wear what you will to his home, but change into the enclosed ensemble when you arrive. You are to follow whatever he desires—his birthday was last weekend, and you are my gift to him.

Mr. Devonshire

Alicia sighed, smiling to herself. A gift! She was the gift! How wonderful was that? She purred with anticipation while tearing apart the package.

Oh, my! Alicia’s eyes widened as she lifted out a sheer, black apron, a black garter belt, fishnet stockings and three and a half inch black patent leather stiletto heels. Running her hand nervously down her braid, she couldn’t help but wonder what Paul’s ‘tastes’ would be.

Two hours later, Alicia arrived at her destination. Struggling to carry in her overnight bag and two sacks of groceries, she finally found the Hide-a-Key and managed to unlock Paul’s door. She quickly located the kitchen and deposited the sacks on a counter, dropping the overnight bag on the floor. Only then did she glance around the house.

She stood in shock, taking in the beauty around her. Mr. Devonshire’s friend was indeed Paul Tenegal. Brilliant colours and astounding textures jumped at her from every direction. Not bothering with canvases in his own home, Mr. Tenegal had simply splayed the paint boldly across the walls and ceiling. Purples, blues, greens swirled to form vibrant, living shapes.

Alicia’s eyes travelled the length of the hallway, and she eventually found the bathroom. Here, the man’s genius shone. The tub itself was a mass of greens and blues, a perfect imitation of a stormy sea. The ceiling was a light blue with white patterns superimposed, creating the illusion of a tumultuous sky. The walls radiated a light green, the grey streaks seemed to move, mirroring rain. Alicia could only shake her head in amazement. If a man could create such beauty with nothing but a brush and paint, what else could his hands do?

Quickly, Alicia changed into the outfit which Maverick had provided. Normally she would have waited, first completing her cooking and then changing. But, unsure of when Paul would be home, she thought it best to be prepared for an early arrival. One thing was certain—she would not disappoint Maverick by failing to meet Paul’s needs.

Cooking in stilettos, Alicia found, was a challenge, as she almost turned an ankle while carrying a jug of cream to the counter. Cooking topless, though, was an even more dangerous endeavour. When taking the appetisers—bacon wrapped chicken breasts—out of the oven, she had almost touched a nipple to the open oven door. Luckily she had pulled back just in time, nearly dropping the tray of food.

I’d love to chat more, but suddenly, I have the urge to go shopping. After perusing my closet, I’ve noticed my lingerie is heavy on the pink and light on the red. Obviously this situation must be corrected immediately!


Lyn Cash said...

Now I want to go shopping - lol. Great post and excerpt!!!

Katie Bug said...

I would have to say that it would be the garter belt sets. Of course you have to add those high I can touch the clouds heels. It is just something about the lines I guess. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

I sure could see myself in that blog and excerpt from "Tasting Pleasure" We always had lots of fun shopping.

Anonymous said...

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