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New releases await!

There's nothing nicer than seeing shiny new covers hit the top of the Releases page, especially when they're from new-to-TEB authors. Today marks the release of four new books from Total-E-Bound:

"The Perfect Creation" from Marie Harte. Science can create many things, but only a troublemaking Mardu can introduce Erin to the wonders of love.

"The Sexier Side of the Hill" from Victoria Blisse (another TEB newbie). It’s even hotter on the Sexier Side of the Hill...

"The Set Up" by JP Bowie. When John White Eagle, a movie extra, agrees to some covert sex with Greg Mathis, the movie's star, he's not at all prepared for the repercussions. Alone in a motel room – apart from a dead body – he finds himself to be the only suspect, but a sympathetic cop, Mark Rossi, agrees to help him clear his name.


the second in the Kinky Kruising series, "The Big O" by Lyn Cash.

Contemporary, m/m, futuristic, there's something there for all tastes, so a big congratulations and wish for many sales to the new releases for this week.

On the personal front, we're moving countries. Again. So I'm neck deep in various paperwork. I don't have the heart to complain because we brought us upon ourselves and, positive and/or negative, it's all part of the adventure. Wish us luck with the packing and moving and I'll catch you all next month!

Kaz Augustin

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