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Yes folks, up until today I was still a virgin. In fact, I was a double virgin. And no, it didn’t hurt or restrict my sports activities because I wasn’t that kind of virgin. I was the other kind. You know—someone who hadn’t had the courage to tackle posting to a blog, anywhere. So I e-mailed my friend, fellow Total-E-Bound author Brynn Paulin, and she gave me very specific instructions on how to do it. Post to a blog I mean. So the very fact that you’re reading my message, proves that you can teach an old virgin new tricks. Plus she can enjoy it at the same time.

So what’s the other virginity? I’m brand new to Total-E-Bound. My book, The Harder They Come, was accepted in May and the older woman/younger man story will be released July 7 to coincide with the first anniversary of Total-E-Bound.

Why don’t I tell you a bit about the book?Here’s the lowdown.

Older woman + younger man = off limits. Maybe so, but the ache between Ellaina’s thighs and the longing in her heart make it more and more difficult to say no, especially when Luke wants to do things to her, like turn her into a chocolate sundae.

Ellaina McReynold's quiet existence is turned upside down by the arrival of a younger man. Luke Mason has only been in Spring Ridge a short time, but his daily visits to her café have inspired way too many erotic fantasies for her own good. Although her brain knows he’s ten years younger, someone needs to tell that to her traitorous body!

Luke, who has pursued her gently but persistently, is delighted when she finally agrees to spend the day with him. But her lover is not really who he seems to be. When Ellaina unexpectedly finds out the truth, can she put aside her doubts and follow her heart? Luke certainly hopes so. Want a bit more? Here’s an excerpt. We get to be with Luke as he sees Ellaina for the first time.

Excerpt from The Harder They Come:

Standing outside the Starlight Café, Luke realised this was his first foray into the culinary culture of Spring Ridge. Setting his helmet on the motorcycle’s seat, he checked the place out. The baskets of hanging flowers and the brightly painted bench outside made it look welcoming. Through the window he could see the place was packed. Hopefully that meant the food was good.

The moment he pushed open the wooden screen door, the tantalising aroma of freshly baked bread made his mouth water. That mouth-watering phenomenon continued as his gaze locked with that of the beautiful woman behind the counter. He smiled, a big wide smile, and decided right then and there that moving to Spring Ridge might be one of the best decisions he’d ever made.

As he drew closer, the first thing Luke noticed was her eyes, startlingly blue and openly curious. That was good, because he was curious too. Curious to know if she tasted as sweet as she looked, curious to see her spread out on his dining room table in the dappled sunlight of evening, curious to know if she would mind if he cleared the counter and took her right now.

A few steps and he could be beside her, lifting her onto the smooth, cool surface, pushing her skirt up, tugging her panties down. All that pale, warm skin against the dark countertop. He’d smell her arousal, know she was wet and ready for him. That was good, because once his zipper came down, he would be sliding inside her, no foreplay, no niceties, just his heavy shaft pressing into her. With her legs in a V up against his chest, he’d make himself set a gentle rhythm, lulling her, wooing her. Turning his head, he could lick the soft skin of her calf, long languid strokes that would match the motion of his cock.

A sigh would come from her, or perhaps a giggle, as he moved and set his tongue to the sole of one of her feet. He knew she’d be so sensitive, trying to shift away from the too-much pleasure, but he wouldn’t let her. When her hands came to rest on the backs of his thighs, gripping the taut flesh, he’d know she needed more. And he’d be happy to offer it, spreading her legs so he could lean towards her, meeting her as she lifted her head, her hands now cradling his face.

She would taste sweet and a little bit spicy, making him think of a juicy peach pie. A nibble at her lips, the slide of his tongue inside her mouth would draw a moan from her, and that gentle in-out swing would change. Anchoring her with his arms around her legs, he’d pull her forwards to meet each thrust, the sound of flesh slapping flesh mingling with the low rasp of his voice as he told her how good it felt to be inside her, how close to the line she pushed him.

As the object of his fantasy cleared her throat, he was reluctantly tugged back into the café, where he tried to assume an innocent look. But he could tell by her frown that she wondered what he’d been thinking.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait until July 7 to read the rest of the book, but if you go to my website, you can read the first chapter on my ‘book page’.

Make sure you check out Total-E-Bound all through the month of July as there will be lots of fun things to do to help celebrate the first anniversary of the company.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations, Kaenar! The first time is always scary, but now that you're a veteran, you get to start enjoying it!

Welcome to TEB!

Ashley Ladd said...

It looks as if you've lost both your virginities very well. Way to go!

Welcome. You fit right in.

Jude Mason said...

Kaenar, lovely post and congratulations on losing your virginities. The book, The Harder They Come, sounds amazing!