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Playing it Straight in Provincetown

After much work and personal stress in the past several months, I decided I needed a vacation. I’ve always wanted to go to Cape Cod, so I went to my local bookstore and bought a travel guide. I diligently read and highlighted, tabbed and earmarked, researched B&B and hotels on the internet (I am a writer, you know. The research is important!)

I was finally ready to make my reservations. The very, very good thing was I had a free round trip ticket on Southwest Airlines. The very bad thing was when I put in the dates I wanted to go, there was no availability. But wait, if I left and returned a day later than originally planned, I could make this work. Long story short, I have my airline ticket, car rental, and reservations in 2 Bed & Breakfast inns for a glorious week of adventure.

I can’t wait to go. I’m not taking any books to read, but rather am taking my laptop and will write, write, write. Not only do I already have a manuscript started that I really have to complete by conference time, but I just know that town, its history and people, will be begging me to write their stories.

So, back to the research to find out what I want to see while there. I knew Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are givens, along with the Pilgrim Monument (did you know they stopped in Provincetown and signed the Mayflower Compact before they landed in Plymouth?) There are also several lighthouses in the area and they are sooo likely to have stories to tell me. Oh, and of course, I have to check out all the artsy shops, the Secret Garden tour, delicious food and the beaches.

At the Provincetown website under events, I came across the fact that the week I’ll be there overlaps by half with Bear Week. Since it was a direct link on the internet, naturally I clicked it. Do you know what’s the exact opposite of a straight woman who regularly shaves her legs and underarms? Yep, that’s Bear Week -- "[a] subculture of gay men known as bears, who embrace natural body hair" - The New York Times. Check it out at

It’s too bad that I don’t write M/M or F/F because unknown to me at the time I decided to go, Provincetown embraces alternative lifestyles and Massachusetts is one of the few states that has legalized gay marriages.

So here I’ll be, a single woman playing it straight in a town full to bursting with gay men. Now if that’s just not a shame, I don’t know what is!

The good news is that I’ll now have plenty of time for research on settings and history because I won’t be spending a lot of time looking for romance! And, I won’t have to shave my legs for a week.


Jamie Hill said...

I would SO love to be going with you! Of course we wouldn't get as much writing done... LOL

I hope your trip is fantastic and I can't wait to read what results from it!



LynTaylor said...

Sounds like you'll have a ball. And HOORAY for Bear week! Well as far as the hairy legs go. Don't know bout the underarms bit ;)

Bobbie Russell said...

You two are a hoot, but Jamie's right. We wouldn't get any writing done if we traveled together. Just lots of oogling and soaking up the sun.!