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What's Your Bitch?

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of June. We’re already more than half way through the year, closer to July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wondered what I’d blog about today. So many delicious and provocative topics. Like who did you have sex with yesterday? What’s your favorite sex toy? And how much faith do you have in yourself when it comes to doing what you love? But I got to thinking about what ticks me off, so here it is.

How private is the conversation you have on your cellphone? I admit I’m not a heavy phone user. I prefer to be writing or cooking or cross-stitching but when I’m standing in the grocery store and there’s someone behind me who’s having an obviously private conversation, what can I do?

There are some obvious answers. Like get fed up and walk away, thus losing my place in line. Then I have to start all over with my shopping too. Or I can glance over my shoulder and give the person a dirty stare. Do you think that’s more my style? What other options are there? I could grab the other person’s cellphone and tell them to take their private conversation someplace else. Would that work? Or I could stand there and think about anything else except the heavy-duty conversation behind me. Are cellphone users becoming a race unto themselves where they tune out the world around them? Are we becoming such a communications-dependent society that we can’t speak to the people around us, that we have to send an email to our co-worker in the next cubicle? Or text our spouse at the other end of the store, the same store we’re in? What happened to face-to-face chitchat?

What do people really see, I mean with their eyes, when they’re talking on the cellphone? Do they see the beauty of the mountains, or the placid lake, or the children laughing with upturned faces? Do they see they can give a word of comfort to those around them? Rather than bringing the human race closer together, cellphones, and other means of communication, are driving us farther apart, locking us into a very small world of ‘me’ and limiting our opportunities to see events and circumstances that might help us on our earthly journey.

It’s like getting into our car. As soon we’re inside and the door is closed, we’ve created a private bubble for ourselves. We can put our make-up on, or pick our nose, or even change our clothes because we believe people in other cars can’t see us. We can give the finger and no one can find us and give us our due because we’ve raced off and will probably never be seen again. Has the world become a scary place?

Maybe we need to caution ourselves to look around, to really see our world without our communications device in hand. Put the phone down, close it up in your purse or in your pocket, and really look around you. What do you see? The answer may surprise you.

Aurora Rose Lynn
Romance Is Only A Fantasy Away


LynTaylor said...

Some very good points Aurora. Can't stand Cell phones or Mobile phones as we call them here in Aus. I'm not a big mobile phone user and I'm lucky to remember to take mine anywhere. Then again, maybe that's because no-one calls me LOL! I actually recall almost having had a panic attack when I first got my phone all those years ago. It was just another responsibility to carry around with me.

What really bugs me is how quickly people drop what they are doing when the damn thing rings. How many times have you attended a meeting or conference only to have phone's going off left, right and centre and people sneaking in and out of the room like baby elephants. Honestly it's like a jack-in-the-box convention! You know, there's a snazzy little thing called a message bank? I wish more people would use it.

Ashley Ladd said...

Cell phones really irritate me, too. I hate it when I'm at lunch with someone, when it's supposed to be my private time with them, and instead, they spend half or more of the time chatting on their cell phone to someone else. I almost got up and walked out on a couple of those. It makes me not want to join them again.

My hubby angers me. He gets angry when I don't answer my cell phone right away. He thinks, like probably most callers, that we on the other end should drop everything else, interrupt meetings, ignore our other friends, so we can conduct private business in front of other people?

I put my cell phone on vibrate during the work day or when I'm out to eat. I tell people in advance I don't answer the cell phone at work, that if it's urgent or an emergency to call me on my work phone. Almost everybody forgets. Some sound peeved that I don't pick up.

Personally, I long for the freedom we had before these little buggers were ever invented.