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The Writing Addiction

I'm going on vacation, a thirteen hour trip up north to the Jersey shore. A week of visiting relatives, surf, sand and fun. Yet one issue remains...

To bring the laptop or not to bring the laptop.

I want to leave it at home, I truly do. But I might get some downtime when the kids are asleep and I have an urge to write. I might need to check emails or update my blog. And then I have a contest ending next week, so I guess I HAVE to bring it.

Addiction is a sad thing. My butt is getting steadily bigger by sitting so much in my desk chair. I've turned into a night owl because I write when everyone's asleep. I'm addicted to early morning email, praying I've got more than "Local Christian Singles" spam and group digest messages.

Then there's my website fixation. I'm a geek; I must be. Because I love looking at other people's websites and then tinkering with my own. So many ideas, so much time wasted when I should be writing...

See, I can justify typing new stories. But emails and Internet surfing tend to eat more of my time than nurturing my craft. Still, there's always that idea that will pop up. I mean, look at all the great publishers you can find, the wonderful books, the blogs you can pour through for hours on end. A great distraction unless you're on a deadline.

Yes, friends, addiction is a terrible thing. But at least when I'm writing, I'm working on finishing a product to contribute to someone else's addiction. Reading. Another of my vices, but that's a story for a different day.

Have a great Sunday, and be sure to read, read, read.


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Ashley Ladd said...

Oh yes, I'm addicted to my laptop, to the Internet, to email and blogs, and to writing, too.

I just came back from vacation. I took my HEAVY laptop on the plane with me just to find out the power cord broke and I carried it for nothing. However, I could and did use my dad's computer to check email so I wasn't totally computerless although his was deadly slow and irksome. When I wanted to write, I wrote by hand the old fashioned way.

Have fun on vacation.