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The Best Thing...

Happy Canada Day everyone!! and Happy 1st Anniversary to Total-E-Bound.

Personally, I'll be off to the local fireworks tonight to celebrate both. I hope you're all as excited about the current Blog Contest as I am.

In addition to all this, I'm offering a new contest as well and you're the first to hear about it. In celebration of my belated birthday, the 3rd anniversary of my writing career and just simply because it's summer, I'd like to offer the winner of this contest a pristine, new, print copy of Camouflaged Hearts. Sounds good, doesn't it? So, what you have to do is send me an email at with a name for my newest work in progress.

The slave of the three fates is allowed only one night on earth each month. When she meets the man she can't leave behind, she must fight not only fate but the same inherent tendencies that brought her into being.

Give it a go! Let's hear what you think. If you come up with th winning title, you not only will win a copy of Camouflaged Hearts but the opportunity to see your title on a cover!

As a reader, the best part for me about the publishing world is the fabulous contests author's hold. I'll enter any opportunity to win a book but I'm not opposed to buying either, as my bank account will attest to, however, the fun of a contest and actually winning keeps the adrenaline running. Have fun!! Soooo......

Welcome to our anniversary blog contest! Today marks our first year in business, and we'd like to celebrate with you. Each day we will post a clue for you. Collect the clues (balloons with letters) each day and follow what it leads to. When you have the answer email us with it at with "blog contest" in the header. Winners will be picked at the end of July and posted up on the blog, and the TEB competitions page on 31st July.



author of In the Arms of a Pilot (Camouflaged Hearts Anthology)
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Caffey said...

Hi Jennah! I love the blurb for your book. It sounds great, so unique! Are there 3 slaves with 3 different fates, so would it be like 3 different books we can look forward to (See i'd find a way to ask for more books from you, smile)


Jennah said...

Great suggestions everyone! Keep them coming. I'll pick a winner on Friday and let you all know. Hope you're excited about the blog contest as well. Good luck!

danetteb said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Hugs, Danette

Tameka said...

Love this blurg can't wait to start hunting