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Book lists

I was surfing around the web yesterday, and I came upon a rather pompous book list on a national magazine site entitled: 'Ten Books To Read Before You Die". I only agreed with one book on that list - 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. The others weren't at all what I'd call 'classics', and when I saw two of Dan Brown's books on the list, I figured it was either his mother or his promotional agent who'd written it.
But it got me thinking - why don't I see 'The Erotica Books You must Read before You Die'? Actually, the 'before you die' is silly. How about 'My Favorite Erotica Books' ?
I thought I'd draw up a list, and here's mine:

Fanny Hill
The Story of O
The Way of the Wolf
Wolf Tales
The Syndicate
If Wishes were Horses
Madame Charlie

How about you? Any erotic books you'd consider 'must reads' for readers and authors alike?



Lisabet Sarai said...

Interesting - I consider myself an author of erotica, and I'm not familiar with at least half of the books you list! Guess I'd better get busy!

As far as my list is concerned, I'd add "Delta of Venus" (Anais Nin). There's also a Victorian or pseudo-Victorian book called "Laura" that I at least found extremely erotic (though the reviewers at Amazon don't agree).

And while I'm not sure that it counts as a classic, I'd have to nominate Portia da Costa's "Gemini Heat", which is what first got me into writing this stuff myself.

Sam said...

Oh, how could I forget Anais Nin???
Thanks for reminding me! I'm adding it to my list, lol!

blessedheart said...

I really liked "Decadent" and "Wicked Ties" by Shayla Black.

Rhonda :-)