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Fabulous Fetishes...

So…I thought and I thought about what to write for today’s blog post, since it is Total E Bound’s 1st Anniversary and we’re celebrating all this month.

I came up with this:

Now, you have to promise not to tell anyone!


Ready? Here we go…

One of my favorite scenes in a romance novel is when the hero, a real alpha-male, puts the heroine over his knee and gives her a sound spanking. Usually, he’s provoked – either she’s put herself (and him!)in danger, has made him jealous by flirting, or…

Oh heck, does it matter what the reason is? I just love those kinds of scenes.

Spanking that heightens the sexual experience falls under the realm of fetishes – what some people might consider weird or strange. Maybe they are, then again, they can really spice up a relationship.

There are so many kinds – people who love to wear latex; some who enjoy the feel of balloons (that one I recently discovered – I never knew it existed!). Then there are those who love fur – they dress up in fuzzy costumes. Using these inanimate objects or things gains sexual excitement.

It seems as though the origins of someone’s particular fetish cannot be explained. Does it stem from a childhood experience? Something that happened in the past – no one can say for sure. I say…so what? Why bother to examine it? If you like wearing fur, like the feel of fur then do it.
As long as you’re not hurting anyone. But then again, some people are into pain. Is spanking, then, so terrible? Is it abnormal to want to be spanked?

Some people feel I tread on dangerous ground when I ask these kinds of questions but I think they must be asked. Almost all of my writing is peppered with some ‘hand-to-bare-ass’ kind of prose. It’s a great turn-on. That’s what I like to read. That’s what I like to write.

And perhaps, it is just the idea of getting spanked. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen. I’ve always felt that not all fantasies have to be acted out in order for them to heighten a sexual experience. Imagining being spanked, and getting spanked, are two different things altogether.

So, I say, daydream away. If you want to try something that’s different, take it slow. And if you like it, and so does your partner, why not go for it?

Now, where in heck is my paddle?

Just kidding.

Happy spanking, everyone!
(Here’s today’s clue)

Catherine Chernow


Marie Haynes said...

Great Post! And I agree with everything you said - it IS exciting to read about, write about, fantasize about, and for some - with caution - enjoy!

Catherine Chernow said...

You mentioned a most important word, Marie -


: )

Catherine Chernow