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Happy Holiday Weekend-Want an Afternoon Delight

Is it hot where you are? Sun pouring down? Fanning yourself just to get a breeze? If you're in the U.S. are you looking for a hot holiday celebration? Try a taste of this Afternoon Delight, just out from Total-e-bound.

Savannah and Lori were spending the afternoon sunbathing nude on their condo patio and bemoaning the fact that their lives were at the moment devoid of men. And wondering if either of them would ever meet that special someone who seemed to be so elusive. Making serious inroads into a pitcher of orange mimosas, they were indulging in their own sex play when their new neighbour, Deke, hopped over the short wall separating the two patios and invited himself to their party. As if the steam afternoon wasn’t a sexual delight on its own, with the three of them in every conceivable combination, when Deke invited them to dinner and his friend Slade joined them, they not only discovered a new meaning to erotic pleasures, but maybe, just maybe, that special someone they’d been looking for.

Both women froze. Lori nearly pitched off the lounger onto her face, and Savannah frantically tried to think if she could hide the things in her hands.
“Don’t let me stop you, ladies. In fact, maybe I could give you a hand.”
Savannah swivelled her head to see a huge hunk of masculinity jumping lightly over the low brick wall that separated their patio from the one next door. At least six four, she thought, with sun streaked blond hair, broad shoulders and lean hips, and muscles that flexed smoothly beneath tanned skin that shouted hours outdoors, not the gym tanning lamp. Then she looked up and nearly drowned in the exotic, emerald green eyes gleaming with good humour.
He leaned his hips against the wall, powerful arms folded against his broad chest. In the soft jogging shorts he wore, it was impossible not to notice the nice big tent his cock was making.
Savannah was mesmerised, unable to tear her eyes away from so much raw sex appeal.
“I, um, didn’t hear you moving around over there.” She nodded at his patio. His condo and the one she and Lori shared were the only two at that end of the building, which gave them a degree of privacy. The two patios were separated by the low brick wall their visitor now leaned against.
He grinned. “And here I thought you were putting on this show just for my benefit. Deke Rogers,” he said, introducing himself. “And please, don’t let me stop you. I’m enjoying the show.”
Lori sat back on her haunches, her eyes glazing over. Savannah could see she was just as hypnotised by the visitor. Savannah had to restrain the urge to leap up and run her tongue over every inch of his body. When she could make her mouth work properly, she said, “I’m Savannah Rogers. This is my friend, Lori Avondale. We own this condo together.”
“Do you, um, do this often?” He gestured at them with his hand.
Savannah smiled at him. “Only to keep from getting bored—when we don’t have a walking sex god around to help us.”
“Sex god, huh?” He laughed, a warm, honeyed sound. “I figured you hadn’t just decided to try this for the first time. You look like you’re having too much fun.”
“We thought you didn’t even notice us,” Lori told him, fluttering her eyelashes in an exaggerated move.
“Oh, I noticed all right. I’ve noticed a great deal. So, is this an exclusive game or can anyone play?”
“We’re very particular,” Savannah told him, coyly lowering her eyes.
“I hope I fit your selection list because I got tired of waiting for my invitation and decided to crash the party.” He reached over the wall and lifted up a wine cooler with three bottles chilling in it. “My contribution, in case you asked me to play.”
Lori turned her head, and she and Savannah exchanged a wicked look. They both nodded imperceptibly.


Caffey said...

Hi Judith/Desiree! Happy 4th to you too! I'm wide awake now from this excerpt! Excellent peek!

Sam said...

Happy Fourth of July!
Lovely Excerpt!

Judith Rochelle said...

Thanks, everyone. I had fun writing this one. And happy 4th to everyone.

Ashley Ladd said...

As if today wasn't already steamy hot, this excerpt was sizzling!

I hope you had a happy 4th of July.