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Hi from Ellie.

Hi there, it’s Ellie again saying hello from sunny London. I have a friend and fellow author Lynne Connelly, who writes Paranormals for Ellora’s cave, coming down to stay for a couple of day this week. She lives at the other end of the country from me in Manchester but we became firm friends when we shared a room at last years Romantic Times Conference in Houston.
We’re both absolute mad about history and during our excited conversation to finalise the arrangements I said that I was happy to visit any palace, museum or shop she wanted to while she was here. If I know Lynne we’ll probably go and drool over the Regency Fashion Collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum then have lunch in Knightbridge and then head off to National Portrait Gallery and then take a boat down the Thames to the best castle in the whole of Europe, The Tower of London, for afternoon tea.
It sounds a fun day but then something struck me, when we visit any city as tourist we always hone in on the well documented sites. I’ve lived in London all my life and daily walk passed St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London and smile at the many visitors, from all over the world, snapping away at the well know sights. How many Japanese, American, Russian or French visitors to London have a picture of themselves with Christopher Wren famous dome in the background or standing beside a Beefeaters dressed in their black and red Tudor uniform, outside the Bloody Tower?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking them, I do the same. There’s a great picture of me with the Boston State House in the background. My poor Hero-at-Home certainly had to dodge traffic to get that one. I’ve got picture of me on the Rialto bridge in Venice and with the Matterhorn behind me when we visited Switzerland. So I do all the touristy things too, but I wonder something by heading for the well known we miss the real gems of a city.
London has some wonderful tucked away treasures like Georgian House in the East End of London. They’ve survived Hitler’s bombing , but no one famous lived there so there not on the tourist route. But as an historical author, to me they are so much more interesting that Westminster Abbey.
Everyone knows who live in the Buckingham Palace. It well documented and there no mystery to it. But who lived at number 24 Cable Street? What did they do and what family dramas went on behind the closed door. Was it the home of a London Merchant with a dozen children and a den of thieves run by someone like Charles Dickens’ legendary character Fagan?
Was it even a high class brothel, where ladies of quality could escape from their boring husbands to and provide creative sexual services for the fast Regency buck or the respectable Victoria gentlemen? I think that an historical erotic author like me would be very interested in weaving a tale around and I’m sure many readers would like to see the results.
See you next time.

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