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I'd Like to Thank the Internet...

Writing is such a solitary (and often times frustrating) activity that I really relish the times that I get to hang out with other writers and talk about writing. I’m far luckier than a lot of writers I know. I live only about 4 miles away from my best friend and fellow TEB author, Brynn Paulin. We get together for lunch, talk on the phone or go on Coke runs for each other, but on Saturday we got to do something really special — hang out with four other TEB authors and dish about everything. Nothing is sacred when you’ve got that many creative brains in one room. I laughed until I cried and practically slid out of my chair.

The lovely Cindy Spencer Pape invited us into her home, where her husband cooked us a wonderful supper. That man definitely knows his way around the grill. Her cute (but huge) dog hung out with us while we sat on the deck enjoying the sunny summer weather.

Also in attendance were the very sweet Isabelle Drake and her husband, the hilarious Kaenar Langford (seriously — this woman knows more dirty jokes than anyone I’ve ever met) and the awesome Dakota Rebel. I’d been lucky enough to meet everyone but the Divine Ms. D at the Romantic Times convention earlier this year, so seeing them was like visiting with dear, old friends. But soon after meeting Dakota, she quickly fell into that same category.

It’s amazing how quickly (and closely) you can connect with other people when they share your passion. I treasure all of my friends, by my writer friends hold a very special place in my heart. I consider myself blessed to have these friends and with the exception of my darling Brynn, we found each other online. Yay internet!


Dakota Rebel said...

I agree. I had already considered all of you friends, and in the case of you and Brynn I considered you actually close friends of mine. Meeting you in person was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am so lucky to have found you all on the internet, and so lucky to have been invited to such a fun get together.

And yes, Kaenar knows MANY a dirty joke. LOL.


Brynn Paulin said...

Ditto!!! It was awesome to get together with my friends. My husband doesn't get how these are some of my closest friends yet I don't see them face to face on a regular basis. Poor guy. And oh! I wish I could.

kaenar said...

I drove about 6 hours to get to Michigan to do a book signing with these guys. I was more excited about having a chance to spend time with these incredible women. Some of us had been together at RT in April, but I hadn't met Dakota before. Fortunately she's just as warped as the rest of us! And yes, Brynn's right-they're some of my closest friends yet I see them seldom. I wish we lived closer, but I doubt the rest of the world is ready for that.