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Just How Sexy Are Canadians?

So you think Canada's all about ice hockey and igloos? Think again. I just finished reading an article in Maclean's, Canada's weekly news magazine, and it certainly dispels many of the beliefs people have about The True North. According to the piece, Canada could be called 'The Insatiable North.'

Under the topics of Society, Health, Crime, Sex and Travel, the article explores the differences between Canadians and Americans. Many people would claim that the 49th parallel is just an invisible border between the two countries, but Canadians know it’s a very real division between two very different nations. And this article supports that claim. Especially in terms of sex.

According to the article, “Canadians have more sex, with more partners, in more creative ways.” It seems that 59 per cent of Canadians have sex at least once a week compared to 53 per cent of Americans. We spend more time making love, two minutes longer than the 35 minutes Americans devote to each session. We also boast an amazing 100 sex sessions per year compared to only 85 for our American cousins. Don’t you just love statistics!

Are Canadian men more adventurous? Maybe they’re harder to please or just hornier because they have 23 lifetime sex partners while their American counterparts have just 13. The number for Canadian women is only 10, with 9 for American women.

It turns out that we’re more adventurous in the bedroom. Be it role-playing, bondage or wearing sexy underwear, we perform an average of 5.1 activities. So much for the image of the staid, quiet Canuck especially when you consider that, unlike Americans, who prefer to shop online for sex toys and equipment, Canadians would go to a sex shop and buy in person.

Americans have us beaten in one area though—two to one, in fact. More than 70 per cent of Americans have had sex in the bathroom, double the number of Canadians. Just thought you’d like to know. In case you wondered about your proclivity for bathroom sex.

Although we “have more sex, with more partners, in more creative ways”, many Canadians say they want more romance in their lives and more time with their lovers. Unlike Americans, whose No.1 concern is reaching orgasm, Canadians like to have fun and be innovative.

Despite the sex statistics, we have fewer teen pregnancies and STDs. Chlamydia rates among teenage American girls are more than double that of Canadian teens. Teen pregnancies are more than double the number in Canada as well. How can that be when we have more sex more often with more partners?

Sue Johanson, our most famous Canadian sex educator, says it boils down to our approach to birth control. “Canadian females are much more assertive about condoms.” Many high school washrooms sport posters that proclaim ‘No glove, no love.’ Young women are given the power and the knowledge to demand their partner wear a condom and protect them both. Our teens are better informed. “They would never talk about anal sex or masturbation in a school in the States,” Johanson says. “Whereas I can in a school in Toronto.”

Alex McKay, research coordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada notes that “countries with more liberal attitudes to sex tend to have lower teen pregnancy and STD rates. When young people grow up with a better awareness of sexuality, it actually leads them to be more cautious, because they’re armed to make better decisions.”

Johanson adds, “Canadians have the language to talk about sex. They may be a little embarrassed, but they don’t feel cheap or sleazy doing it.”

So the next time someone mentions those laid-back, smiling Canadians, remember that they’re probably smiling for a very good reason. They’ve probably just spent thirty-seven minutes having innovative sex in one of their 100 yearly sex sessions!


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Note: All quotes are from the July 7th issue of Maclean’s magazine in their special Canada Day report.

Kaenar Langford
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Brynn Paulin said...

I must say, Sue Johanson is one of my favorite people. What Sue says goes and I have been known to quote her to others. Smart woman. Canadian, eh?

Great blog, Kaenar.

Jude Mason said...


Being a fellow Canuck, I can appreciate this artical in a huge way. Of course we have more sex, it's the long cold winters with nothing to do. LOL Seriously, I think it's our attitude. We may be laid back and easy going, but we're also less up tight about explaining sex to our kids. They need to know. We need to tell them.

Wonderful post post Kaenar!!


kaenar said...

Thanks Brynn and Jude for taking the time to comment on my blog. Gotta love Sue Johanson. I love the wooden figures she uses to demonstrate sex positions.
Thanks for the support Jude and I think you're right. We may be laid-back but we're very upfront when it counts.

Jennah said...

Great blog! I totally agree with Jude. It's the long winters, (well, for me anyway) although there's something about summer vacation too...

kaenar said...

Thanks so much for commenting Jennah. It's the February cabin fever that gets to me. No wonder we're so innovative about sex. We get lots of cold, winter nights to practice. LOL

Lisabet Sarai said...

Well, I'm originally from South Canada (aka New England...!) We've been trying to secede from the conservative part of the U.S. for decades!

Seriously, a great post, both funny and enlightening. Where can I get a pair of those maple leaf briefs? (preferably with the guy inside!)

kaenar said...

Dear Lisabet,
Those briefs have been incredibly popular, but not nearly as popular as the wearer. There's a fun slideshow on the news page of my website that has lots of pictures like that. I took them at the Pride Parade and Celebration in Toronto. He's in it!