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Newbie and what that acceptance letter feels like

*Peeking in. Shuffling up to the podium.*


This is my first posting on the Total E-Bound blog, the first of many I hope. I'm not yet published with them, but I've got two contracts all signed and filed away nice and neat, so you'll be reading me soon.

And, seeing as I don't have a book blurb to share, yet, I thought I'd share the process and what it feels like from the writer's side of publishing. Total E-Bound is a publishing house I've been watching ever since it opened its doors, a little over a year ago. I've been unlucky enough to have two publishers fall apart under me and I didn't want to chance it happening again. I also care very deeply about the kind and quality of work available.

When a good friend and now writing partner, Jamie Hill, submitted to Total E-Bound, I really had my antenna pointed this way. She raved about the treatment she received, in a good way.

Finishing up a project I had going for another publisher, Jamie and I talked. We'd been sharing critiquing/editing chores between ourselves and become good friends, and had mentioned writing together a few times. We decided to try it. But what to write? What genre did we both like to dabble in?


Aha! Ask someone! What a concept…LOL That's what we did. Jamie asked her editor at TEB. And, she gave us more choices, but at least narrowed the genres down a little for us. Yay! Then we just had to write it, and what a blast that was and still is. We don't do things in a small way. Heck no! If we're going to do something, we go in whole hog. We're writing a trilogy.


Okay, it took us awhile, and we really did have fun writing the first book. Then came time to submit it. Oh man! I wanted to check the silly book again, but Jamie had the final version in her grubby little hands. We needed a synopsis. Ah, okay, that was taken care of. And then came the sweating, torturous evening it got sent. I don't know about anyone else, but when I submit to a new publisher, I'm a wreck. I'd never done a joint venture like this, and I was nervous. Even more so because I
wasn't the one sending it. I had no control over when it went; how many times it was check to be sure it was PERFECT!

AND SHE NEVER TOLD ME RIGHT AWAY WHEN IT WAS GONE! The woman is a sadist. I don't think she even knows it, but she is. She casually mentioned it the next day. Ugh!

So then the waiting began. Now this process can last weeks, months in some cases. Thank heaven the people at TEB don't take that long. Course Jamie had told me they were prompt, but you just never know, ya know? They might like her. They might not like me. They might hate me. They might have heard how I like to… uh, never mind. LOL

I could have kissed Janice when she responded. Okay, maybe not, because the first response wasn't 'we love it, here's your contract.' It was more along the lines of, 'yeah, we like where this might be going, but you need to do a little work here and there.'

But, it was a positive response. Yay!

So, we did some changes, re-critiqued it and with bated breath, hit send one more time.

The wait was painful that time. I knew if we hadn't done the right fixes we'd have had a story on our hands to try to find a home for. I was really hoping to get into TEB and this seemed like the best way for me to go about it. Ugh.

When we got that acceptance email, I was on cloud nine. I was in! They didn't know me but I was in.

Mwah hah hah hah! They just don't know what they've gotten themselves into.

Oops, save that for later.

The contract is signed and sent, so they're stuck with me now. What a huge relief.

Now, the next one…Yes, we're working on that now. And, I've had
a Lust Bite's accepted as well. I'm working on another book now, something a little more substantial and single author, but that'll wait for another blog.

It's been fun and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the frustration
and anxiety we authors face. I sometimes think we're all masochists. What do you think?

Oh, and before I forget, seems I have to slip a little contest picture in here. Yup, there it is. Good luck to you all and have fun.

*Jude Mason - Come, explore with me…if you dare*

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Katie Bug said...

Good for you! I cringe at the thought of turning something of mine in. I am pretty positive about things until you look at my writing. I am so afraid that no will like but . Your friends tell it's great but do they really?



Molly Daniels said...

Congrats Jude:) I've read some of your excerpts and know you'll do well:)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey, Jude! Thanks for sharing the agony ... TEB is lucky to have you.


Jude Mason said...

Thank you Katie, Molly and Lisabet, for taking the time to comment. Katie, submission really doesn't get any easier. You sometimes feel like you just know a story is good, but there's always that niggling doubt that perhaps no one else will think so. I have a comedy thing on my computer that I think is hilarious, but I haven't been able to sell.

Molly, thank you so much. I hope I do well, I work hard and try to improve. And, I cross my toes a lot. LOL

Lisabet, I adore that picture you use. Very sexy. *G* Thank you. I hope TEB feels the same. Could you run and put in a good word with them editor types?


Jamie Hill said...

Oh geez, where to begin. Um, yeah, I did tell you when the book was sent. *raps knuckles into Jude's head* And my breath isn't bated, well, at least I don't think it is.

You want to see sadist? Just send me your next manuscript...heh heh heh

Kidding aside, wonderful blog post Jude and I'm so excited to have you at TEB with me and all the other fabulous authors!



Jude Mason said...

See, she's always picking on me...Oooow! Don't bop me. Sheesh!

And you didn't tell me until the next morning...and MY breath was bated... errr baited... what the heck! LOL

Jamie, I'm thrilled to be in the TEB family now. Nice people and some friendly faces. Yay!