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Am I Crazy? Don’t answer that…

Okay, I don’t know why but I had some spare time to go over to Ebay and surf around. I saw a lot of fall items for sale and actually got whimsical about the season. Yes, I know it’s only July…but autumn is my favorite time of year and since I’m blogging….well, the subject is gonna be autumn stuff. So…..

What kind of pumpkin face are you?
No surprise for me!!!! This is what my quiz said.

You Are

An Angry Pumpkin Face

You would make a good smashed pumpkin.

Take the ‘what kind of pumpkin face are you’ quiz for yourself. (I know, I’m addicted to these silly things!!! There’s something serious Freudian in my obsession with quizzes, but what can I do?)


Wonder if you’re a witch or what kind you’d be?

Here’s what this second quiz said about me:

You are a spirit witch. Many envy you because you draw your power from within. A mix of all resides within your vital spirit and makes you what is called a "natural" witch. Lucky you. Your powers of intuition are extraordinary, you're intelligent, creative, and beautiful but have a sense of mystery about you. You have a tendency to stay invisible and don't like a lot of attention. You have a strong urge to travel and most likely have already been further than most.


What kind of season are you?

Here’s me….

You can be dense at times. But the greatest asset you have are your looks and smile. Your personality is mysterious and at the very same time interesting. You like it peaceful. You don't want it too loud or too noisy.You are very sincere and serene.
Lovely…I’m dense….nothing like getting ‘dissed by a quiz….my fault for taking it….


What kind of mystical creature are you?

This is me….sort of?

What kind mystical creature are you?
You scored as a Werewolf
Oooh, you may get all the attention for being fit eye-candy, but people better scatter when you get the munchies!









Okay….now down to the serious stuff….. I’ve got some new releases over on my websites. Go take a look if you’re interested….

Email if you get a chance, I’m almost always at my desk….until next time….Cheers!!!!

Good reading to you!!!

Candace Sams (aka C.S. Chatterly)
~ Where Fantasies Embrace Legend ~ (paranormal titles) (erotica titles)

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