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Sounds of Summer

Summer has been a time for fun in the sun. I love summer. I’ve been told that I seem to get a bigger burst of energy during the summer. If you know me you would know I so do not need to be any more driven than I already am. LOL. So many good things have happened to me during the summer.

My birthday is during the summer. Yay. Many years ago I started my day job which I love during the summer. (Grin) I get to go out and have adventures during the summer. It’s all about having fun. The other day on the way to an appointment I stopped a minute and people watched.

There was a lot of bustle going on around me. Summer camps full of kids talking excitedly as they went to some field trip. It sounded as if they were going to the museum. And their excitement of the trip made me smile. Another person I saw was talking with a friend as they made plans to go out for lunch and take in a Broadway show. A family was laughing and joking with each other as they were getting ready to go to the Aquarium.

All of this to me is the sounds of summer. People going somewhere for some fun. Getting out and exploring and just hanging out with each other. After the cold weather it is good to get out. So as I rushed off to my appointment I was thinking of things I wanted to do.

What are you plans for the summer?

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