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Stereotypes and Control

A bright Tuesday morning hot enough to fry eggs. Gotta love Georgia. Ech. Now after reading yesterday's post about Canada, I'm thinking I ought to move there. Sex all the time? Hello, I'm home!!

It's funny to me how most people, myself included, stereotype men and women. The man is always supposed to want sex, the woman not so much, as if "Later dear" is a feminine mantra. Yet we all know that's not the case. In many instances in real life, the woman is the aggressor. (Man, I wish I could remember where I'd read those statistics.) Often, men are saying "no" and women are saying "Come on, baby, why not?"

How many romances have you read where the woman's the dominant in a relationship? Um, I read one once, and surprisingly it was pretty good. But most of us (I'm speaking for women here) fantasize about an alpha, take-charge male. Someone we can rely on and let take charge. Why? I think it's because so many women are the dominant ones in their relationships. Women nurture their children, keep the house and the husband while working a job as well. It's liberating to give up some of that power, to just freakin' relax.

Then again, I could be totally wrong.

But romance sales seem to be saying I'm right. Sexy, erotic romance is hot, in many cases the "kinkier" the better. Dominant/submissive, menage and m/m are on a definite rise. Why? Because we want spicy sex? Because vanilla is boring? Or is it more, that pushing boundaries and issues of control really 'push our buttons'?

I'd love to know the answers to these questions. But instead I'll keep writing as I speculate. Keeps the juices flowing... the creative juices that is. Grin.

Have a great Tuesday.

Creation's Control
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kaenar said...
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kaenar said...

Yep, you need to come up here and see just how sexy Canadians are. Get out of that Georgia heat and enjoy the cool lakes, the gentle breezes and the great selection of micro-brewery beers. LOL

Thanks for reading my blog, Marie.

I deleted the comment because I hadn't finished. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post and now I look like an idiot. LOL


Anonymous said...

I think people want the more and different. Now it is okay to be interested in other "kinkier" sex scenes. They may not be to your taste but most people are curious. Years ago you would never ask your doctor a question. You just believed what he said. Now everyone is told not only is it okay to ask questions but you should ask questions. I think this attitude as spread to other things.

Lisabet Sarai said...

If you want a romance with a dominant woman, check out my new novel RUBY'S RULES, just published by Total-E-Bound.

I think that the alpha-male thing is way over-emphasized. It may not even be true that this is what the readers want. Readers want variety, excitement, and above all, characters with whom they can identify.

Marie Harte said...

Haha, Kaenar. You don't look like an idiot. The pictures in your post more than make up for a deleted post. :)


Oh, and I'd love to come on up to Canada. Not a big fan of the heat.

Marie Harte said...

Chris, I agree. And it's funny how the typical m/f "vanilla" romances are nowhere near as popular as the kinkier romances in ebooks. Even the mainstream print books are hotter. Interesting...


Marie Harte said...

Hey Lisabet.

It's always tough to make generalizations, but from what I've read on blogs, groups and from different editors, the alpha male seems to be very "in" right now. But every trend comes and goes. Remember how popular geeky/nerdy heroes were a few years back? Not so much now. I agree that a good story is a good story, no matter what the characters are like. I know I don't pick my reads by trend, but rather by the writing and unique storyline.