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Stirring those Creative Juices

The last couple of weeks, I've done everything except write. I visited with family and explored the US Capitol city and surrounding area. The most awe-inspiring was the beautiful and tragic Civil War battlefield of Antietem. Gazing across the lush rolling green hills, it was almost impossible to imagine the bloodbath it must have been that long ago September.

I returned with an armload of books, so I've been working my way through them.

Then, interrupting my writing time was soccer camp for my preschoolers. Just a couple of hours a day, it was just enough to knock me out of my routine. But I did get to watch a couple of hot British men run around a field in shorts! Yummy!

My next procrastination was promotion! I had a release in July, and have upcoming releases in August and September (Forget Me Not, coming from Total E-bound). So, I designed a couple of book marks and then set about making a video trailer for a blog tour.

I was beginning to think I would never write again. Then, yesterday, I woke about four a.m. and then fell back asleep. My early morning dreams are the most vivid, and I dreamt I was writing...the story line of one of my WIPS came together in one fell swoop, the characters, the plot, the yesterday, I got up and wrote. It felt GREAT! What I also realized was that my subconcious must have been working on all the plot points even while I was 'goofing off.' What a relief. Of course, now I have to get all the words down...

So, I'll leave you with the letter of the day. Happy Birthday TEB!

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