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Things I love about him.

Today I am going to blog about my husband. He's had a rough few weeks and hopefully this will make him (and you) smile.

We met ten years ago in a chatroom called Dougs. His first interaction with me was pinching my bottom! I blushed for hours afterwards. We soon went from online to phone conversations and from there to meeting in real life. I've loved him since the moment we met.

We got married in 2000 and we now have a gorgeous 6 year old daughter. I thank God for my husband every day. Here is a list of reasons I love him. It's short and incomplete, though, I'd be here all week if I mentioned every reason.

He's kind.
He's gentle.
He has a great deal of patience.
He's quick to forgive.
He makes me laugh, he's witty.
Those dimples when he smiles melt my heart.
Oh, his butt is a thing of beauty.
He understands my football obsession.
He encourages me in everything I do.
When I least expect it he'll get me a present or a card.
His giggle is precious.
he writes me poetry.
He inspires me.
He's my soulmate.

I'm such a lucky lady to have him. Let the people you love know what they mean to you today, it's always a good time to tell someone you love them.


Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen said...

I have a soulmate as well. We celebrated 19 years of marriage last week. There have been rough times, but we've stuck through it all, thick and thin!
Now, for the next two weeks, I'm leaving him in order to go home (across Canada), tell my elderly mom how much I love her.
I enjoyed your post! :-)

Lisabet Sarai said...

What a beautiful post! You're very blessed, as am I - my DH and I have been together more than 26 years and are still deeply in love.

Thanks for sharing!

Jude Mason said...

Victoria, what a lovely post. I hope hubs read it and felt better after his rough day.

We all hear of couples meeting online and then meeting in person. It's incredibly rare that it goes farther, and when it does, it seems it doesn't usually turn out well. Yours has and I'm so happy for you both. Congratulations and I hope you two have as many happy years as hubby and I have. Uh, that'd be 37. He's still my dream man, so it can happen.