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Whew, it's hot hot hot!

Summer's definitely here. If the scorching heat of the Florida sun hadn't told me, the Fourth of July fireworks sure did.

As always, I was off from the day job and so celebrated with the family. We took a picnic to the beach during the day, and then, in awe, watched the fireworks over the ocean when it fell dark.

Little is more romantic than summer love, than fireworks blasting through the sky, or better yet, in our hearts at that moment of orgasmic pleasure.

No wonder we so often liken orgasm to fireworks shooting off, filling up the sky, beautiful, yet dangerous. So big, so intense, so loud, so vibrant, and downright just so awesome little else compares.

Although yesterday was the USA's birthday of Independence when we set off fireworks in every town, indeed in almost every drive way, fireworks are beloved world wide. I don't know of one person who isn't wowed by them.

And thus, in my Heat Wave story contribution for TEB, fireworks definitely make a showing. What is summer in the US without fireworks?

Of course, there are many other beloved summer traditions - beach bonfires, gardening, swimming, mention a few...that my story hits upon.

I tell you what... Here's a blurb and excerpt from my Heat Wave story for TEB "Liquid Heat", a M/M love story. I think you'll find it as sizzling hot as summer in Georgia. :)

Joshua Daly never dreamed he’d fall in love with a man, but when he’s stranded in a nudist colony, it's the super sexy Paul Norris that he wants.

When Joshua Daly wrecks in Georgia, aka Hillbilly Hell, he’s put up by his rescuer, Paul, while his car’s being repaired—in a nudist colony. He thought he’d be turned on by all the heavenly female bodies, but to his surprise Paul’s beautiful bod is the one that turns him on. It’s not his fiancĂ©e Carole who makes him hesitate to shuck his clothes and give up the corporate life; he’s not sure a Yankee will be welcome in the deep South.


“Holy, crap.” Doing a double take, not believing his eyes, Joshua blinked. He swallowed hard as his step faltered and he almost fell flat on his face. Paul’s “community” was a nudist colony. “You mean these things are still around?”

Paul cast him a crooked smile. “I hope you don’t mind. You don’t have to go without clothes—unless of course you’d like to. No one here will care.”

His every nerve ending spastically jumping, his breath hitched in his throat, Joshua couldn’t stop staring at the array of naked people strutting around without a stitch of clothing. He was amazed they didn’t seem to be the least self-conscious. If anything, they ogled him as if he was the weird one.

Having never paraded around naked in front of people, except one girlfriend at a time, or maybe in the locker room, he knew he couldn’t just shuck his clothes and let it all hang out. “Uh, that’s okay. I think I’ll leave on my clothes if it’s not breaking any rules.” Paul’s smile seemed to lose a touch of its sunshine but he was sure his imagination was working overtime.

Paul raked his fingers through his hair and smiled. “Not at all. You won’t mind if I go au natural, will you?”

Before Joshua could voice a reply, Paul pulled up his shirt over his broad shoulders and let it fall to the floor at his feet. He wasn’t sure where to look as there were naked bodies in every direction. To be sure, there were a lot of hot ones—gorgeous women and men, some even fondling the other’s tits and cocks as if it was no big deal. He wasn’t sure he could fit in for even a night much less several days. “Of course not. Do your, uh, thing. Don’t let me stop you.”

A brunette with enormous tits, tiny waist, and a shaved pussy sidled up to him. Although she wore no clothing, make-up and jewellery smothered her. Several gold chains hung around her neck, and ear-to-shoulder gold hoops adorned her ears. Diamond studs twinkled from her nose and her belly button and she wore rings on every finger and toe. Her nipples clamped into tight little buds as she moved within kissing distance. “Welcome, stud. Are you going to show us what you’ve got?” Pointedly, undressing him with her eyes, she stared at his crotch.

Uncomfortable, about to choke on the woman’s cloying perfume, he took a step back. Instead of turning him on as she obviously thought she was doing, the Amazon made him extremely uncomfortable. His gaze shifted this way and that, seeking rescue. “I’m just visiting for a day or two. I’m not one of you.”

Her finely arched brow quirked similar to Carole’s when she wasn’t happy, when he’d said his final words. But instead of huffing off like Carole would have, she leaned closer so that the tips of her breasts brushed his shirt. Murmuring huskily, she purred, “Try it. You might like it.”

His tongue twisted into knots, and he couldn’t respond, just look to Paul for help. Bile rose in his throat and he felt nauseous as surprise at his reaction made him wonder what was wrong with him.

To his surprise, Paul was already undressed, his cock hard, erect, and throbbing. To his even bigger shock, his own flexed and his flesh tingled. Confused, out of sorts, he quickly looked away. What the hell was going on?

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Oh! And there's more good news and summer treats. Isn't this just like getting a big bag full of the yummiest candy?

My short story "Sticky Wicket" and five other hot hot hot short stories, will be published in "Scarlet Magazine" this month. You can read them on the glossy pages of this fab British glossy or you can rush right over to the TEB sight and read them and others, for free right now. Yes, I said FREE. No catches, just enjoy.


Caffey said...

Hi Ashley! Actually we had a good comfy day today with the low 80's. It had rained a couple days ago and really cooled it off after being so muggy. I'm up on the east tho, and do understand Florida is much hotter. I'm just a winter person, love it.

Oh Joshua and Paul's story is going to be sizzling hot and it started already with this excerpt! I don't think I ever read a book set on a nudist colony and always wondered what the rules were and thought they probably varies at each one. Did you develop this one and set up the rules for it? Does it take place alot on the nudist colony?

I shall go check out your short story! Have a good rest of the weekend.

Sam said...

It's cool and rainy here - another one of those European summers. On the plus side, it's rarely muggy and hardly ever hot. On the negative side, you really start craving hot, sunny days!!

Loved the excerpt, and congrats about the short stories!!