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F/F Loving – The Flip Side

Marie Harte wrote a wonderful blog post yesterday about male/male erotic romance. I’m another one who never thought I’d enjoy reading it, let alone writing it. But now, I love it.

I started much like Marie, writing ménage stories then slowly slipping into the gay stuff. But while m/m is wildly popular, there’s another genre that’s fun to write but much slower to make waves in the publishing world- female/female.

My first f/f story for TEB was the Lust Bite Carnal Collision. It got some wonderful reviews, including a Recommended Read from the lovely Amanda at Dark Angel Reviews. But I have to admit, the f/f novel I’m most excited about comes out Sept. 15 from TEB, Cattle Valley: Truth or Dare.

Cattle Valley is the wildly popular series of books created by the talented Carol Lynne. I’ve read each and every one of them, all m/m, and loved them. In case you just climbed out from under a rock, I’ll tell you that Cattle Valley is a fictional town in Wyoming, where alternative lifestyles are the norm. The community welcomes gay people. They can walk openly hand in hand or even dance and kiss in public without fear of reprisal.

I love the attitude of the community and the whole general feel of the books. I’m very excited to have my own Cattle Valley novel coming soon, and I hope everyone will check it out. Don’t let the f/f scare you. I’m prejudiced but I’d say it’s tastefully written, and the book is a fun Cattle Valley read.

I write erotic romance. My books always have a feel-good, happy ending. Personally I don’t think it matters if the relationships are male/female, male/male, or female/female. Love is love. Period.

Now, for the good stuff!

Coming Sept. 15 from TEB, Cattle Valley: Truth or Dare

Naomi Rivers loves living in the quiet community of Cattle Valley. She has the book store she's always wanted, and good friends to fill her time. She doesn't have one special person to share her life, but everything changes when a sexy blonde author walks into her store.

Courtney Cross is a renowned novelist whose latest book features characters with alternative lifestyles. She's on a book signing tour, which winds to a close at Booklovers in Cattle Valley. Worn out from her hectic schedule, Courtney decides to vacation in the rustic town for a few weeks. The beautiful countryside and laid back atmosphere provide exactly the calm get-away she desires, and quite possibly the backdrop for her next novel. The cute red-head at the bookstore doesn't hurt, either.

They fall in love, but while Naomi thrives in Cattle Valley, Courtney has her own life in Chicago . In the end, it's the ultimate game of Truth or Dare that helps them decide. (f/f contemporary erotic romance)

Note: This novel is a stand alone title which includes characters created by Carol Lynne in the Cattle Valley Series. Visit the Cattle Valley website for more information on this bestselling series!


Chapter One

The only woman she’d ever loved had just walked out the door.” The author closed her book and looked up, scanning the standing-room only crowd. “Thank you all for being here.”

Naomi Rivers started the applause then wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. She’d read Destiny’s Choice soon after she’d confirmed the book signing event at her store. It was much more poignant hearing the words in the author’s resonant, sexy voice. She glanced around. Her friends and fellow townspeople must have agreed. They jostled around the book display, reaching for copies.

“There’s a table off to the side.” She spoke loudly enough to be heard over the noise, pointing to her left. “As soon as I can get Ms. Cross to it, she’ll sign your books. There are refreshments too.”

Weaving through the group, she reached the front where Courtney Cross stood chatting with the other bookstore employee, Melissa Danes. “That was great!” Naomi smiled at the gorgeous, well-known writer. “Everyone loved it. Looks like we might sell out.”

“I brought a few extra copies, just in case.” Courtney brushed her blonde bangs off her face. “I’m amazed at the turnout. I heard Cattle Valley was a small town.”

“It is. Less than three thousand people, actually. But lots of folks here have what they like to call alternative lifestyles. The subject matter of your lesbian novel has been a huge topic of discussion since everyone found out you were coming. People were very excited.”

Courtney shook her head. “I can’t believe that either. A gay town. It’s unheard of.”

“Not everyone’s gay,” Melissa said. “Some people moved here to be with gay family members. Some just wanted a peaceful, non-judgemental place to live.”

“Speaking of peaceful…” Naomi scanned the crowd, some of whom seemed to be getting restless. “We’d better get the signing started. I’ll take her over there, Mel. Would you make sure the display of her books stays stocked? There’s another case of her first title, Destiny’s Rule, in back if we need it.”

“Yep.” Melissa left the author’s side reluctantly, making a face behind the woman’s back at Naomi.

Naomi smiled sweetly at the young brunette then took Courtney by the arm. The softness of her skin jolted Naomi for a moment, and she paused to control her breathing. Keep it together! she chided herself. With a store full of customers, she had no time to melt into a puddle of lust. “This way, Ms. Cross. Get your fingers limbered up, looks like you’ll be doing some writing.”

“My favourite part.” Courtney settled into the padded chair behind the table. “Next to the writing, that is.” Picking up a pen, she smiled at the first person in line and the small talk began.

Stepping back, Naomi watched with interest. She’d always been an avid reader but could only admire someone who put words to paper the way Courtney did. And facing a crowd of strangers— Naomi shuddered. She’d rather spend time in a room full of books than people.

“That’s one poised woman.” Sheriff Ryan Blackfeather stepped up behind her. “Making nice with one person after another, smiling like there’s no place she’d rather be.”

Naomi looked over her shoulder and up at the tall man. “She said it’s her second favourite thing to do, after writing.”

Ryan scanned the crowd. “I can think of several things I’d call my favourites, and none of them include books.”

Naomi saw him making eyes at one of his handsome partners, Nate Gills, who waited in line for an autograph. Straight or gay, most people in Cattle Valley agreed—Nate was about the prettiest thing west of the Mississippi River. Naomi concurred, but also knew what a great friend the man was.

She swatted Ryan’s arm. “I wasn’t talking about that. We all know how good you’ve got it at home. Speaking of which, where’s the third partner in your man sandwich? I haven’t seen Rio in here.”

He snorted. “Rio’s at The Gym. He said he’s not into lesbian book readings but asked you to save him a cookie.”

“Tell him to forget it,” she teased. “They’re lesbian cookies.”

“Yeah, well, we happen to know you got them at Brynn’s Bakery. Kyle Brynn may be many things, but he’s no lesbian.”

“Smart ass. I bought them, so they’re mine now. Lesbian cookies, get it?”

Ryan smiled. “Nate’ll take him one. Nate looks out for Rio.” He watched his lover talk to the author.

“I know he does.” She looked from one man to the other thoughtfully. They were an unusual trio. Ryan—tall, dark and handsome, massive tattoos and flowing long hair—made a wonderful, yet atypical, town sheriff. He lived with two partners, Rio Adega, also tattooed, with multiple piercings and hair to die for, and the metro-sexual Nate, who along with Rio had opened a fitness centre and called it—thinking like men—The Gym. Nate and Rio spent lots of time there, and where they could be found, Ryan usually wasn’t far away.

Glancing from Ryan to Nate, Naomi wondered how they did it. Not the physical how—she made herself blush thinking about that—but the mental how of loving two people. Didn’t they get jealous? What if one of them wasn’t in the mood? Though judging by appearances, that wasn’t often a problem. When they weren’t working, the men were all over each other.

Nate finished up with Courtney and walked towards Naomi and Ryan. After planting a kiss on the lips of his tall lover, he smiled at Naomi. “Courtney’s one nice lady. You should get yourself some of that.”

“Excuse me?” She blinked. “Just because she wrote a lesbian book, doesn’t make her a lesbian.”

“She is.” He nodded with authority.

“How do you know?” Naomi scoffed.

Nate shrugged. “I asked her.”

“You did not!”

Ryan laughed. “I’m sure he did. Why does that surprise you? You know him well enough, by now.”

Copyright (C) 2008 Jamie Hill


Marie Harte said...

Great excerpt, Jamie. And thanks for reminding me about another big m/m author (I KNEW I was forgetting somebody) Carol Lynn.

I've never read a f/f romance. So I'm thinking I should start with yours!


Jamie Hill said...

Hey Marie,

Thanks for popping in. I think it's funny that f/f romance icks so many women out. The idea makes me giggle, actually.

Hope you enjoy your first f/f experience, (so to speak!)



Jude Mason said...

Awesome blog post, Jamie. As you know, I'm one of the very lucky people and have read this already. There are definite perks to being the writing partner to someone with so much talent folks. This is an incredibly good, and hot, book. If you're interested in alternative lifestyles along with a truly inspiring plot, this is the book to grab hold of.

Good luck on the release and here's to tons of sales!


Bobbie said...

Augh! I was going to be the first to blog you but my internet failed. But I did have to get on and say WAY TO GO JAMIE. You've done it again! I don't know when you have time to sleep!

Ray said...

I like the excerpt. Just one question. Will this be electronic only?


Jamie Hill said...

Hi Jude,

Thanks for the sweet words. You have more faith in me than I do sometimes. But you know, I couldn't do it without your support!



Jamie Hill said...

Hi Bobbie,

You really need to swipe your internet from a more reliable source, sweetie! LOL

See you tomorrow!


Jamie Hill said...

Hey Ray,

Thanks for checking out my blog, I can always count on you.

If this ebook sells decently it might go to print with my next Cattle Valley f/f novel. But that one is still sitting on my computer, so it will take a while. Rest assured I will keep you posted!



Lisabet Sarai said...

Wow! Cattle Valley has taken on a life of its own. Actually, I was a bit confused when I saw your announcement - I thought, "Isn't Cattle Valley Carol Lynne's place?" How generous of her to welcome other writers (but then, CV is that kind of place)! I'm happy to see you populating it with new lovers.

(And I love FF romance. I'm hoping to see more coming from TEB.)

Jamie Hill said...

Hi Lisabet,

You're absolutely correct, Cattle Valley is Carol's baby but she thought there ought to be some women in town, and she doesn't care to write f/f.

I included some of her characters in my book and she proofed me to make sure I had them pegged correctly. (Nate is the most fun to write, LOL)

I feel really lucky to have a Cattle Valley novel and hope her readers will give f/f a try!



Ray said...


I'm glad you do. One of my favorite authors was Sandra Scoppettone author of books about a lesbian private detective. Unfortunately I no longer see her books on the shelves in the bookstores. I think I might have to order a couple of her newer ones.

Be sure to let me know when your CV books are in print.