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Have Fetish...Will Travel

Have Fetish…Will Travel

That was certainly the m
otto of the annual Church Street Fetish Fair. Who wouldn’t want to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon strolling along Church Street in Toronto having your horizons broadened? I couldn’t resist. Neither could fellow author Savannah Chase and my friend Kate who both decided to explore the event with me.

Before I tell you anything more, I must admit that I too have a fetish. Anyone who knows me or saw me at RT in Pittsburgh would be well aware that I love footwear, especially boots. I’ve been buying Doc Martens wherever and whenever I can find them and have built up quite a collection over the years. I hauled all my boots outside this morning, lined them up on the picnic table and took their photo. I must admit they were much more cooperative than most people. None of them shut their eyes, nobody pulled a funny face and not a single pair looked away at the exact moment I clicked the picture. Here’s a pic of the boots I’ve brought home over the years. I think my favourites are the mirror- ball Docs in the second row.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, it’s back to the Fetish Fair. We met Robert, the owner of Spa Excess, and Jean, the manager of the spa for lunch. We ate at a lovely outside patio where the waiter was dressed as a baby complete with soother, baby bonnet and diaper. His outfit was quite a contrast to the one worn by another man who was working there. Love the mask!

And we hadn’t even gotten out onto the street yet. We could hardly wait.

We could hear square dance music as we strolled along and it led us to a group of dancers performing in the street.

There were many slaves and masters or slaves and mistresses as we made our way through the crowds. I love the boots on these two. I saw them later picking out a flogger they both liked.

Nothing like a man and his dog—with a bit of a twist. The puppy play was very interesting with people from the audience stroking and petting the pups while their masters spoke quietly to encourage their canines. This seemed to be a very popular fetish to watch and there were a lot of pups and handlers in the park and on the street.

The man in leather is looking for more people to be mummified. I chose not to volunteer. All that plastic made me very nervous.

Pony Boy is a mainstay at fetish and Pride activities in Toronto.

In case you always wondered what was worn under a kilt-I’ve answered that question for you.

Not all fetishes involved role playing and leather. There were quite a few people there with their snakes.

I love the boots.

One of the big events of the day was the choosing of the Bootblack for 2008. There was a line-up to have your boots properly shined by one of the Bootblack competitors.

I seem to have developed a new fetish. I’ve decided that I just love that spot on a man’s body, right where the waist dips in and the ass begins. What’s your favourite part?

The day was amazing. We ate out in restaurants, walked in the hot sun and laughed and laughed. I can’t wait until next year.

Actually, I’m headed to the big city next Wednesday for the Spa Excess
Cruise. It lasts five hours and will tour around the three islands near Toronto. Here’s the link for the poster. It should be too much fun.

Hope you enjoyed the little trip to the Church Street Fetish Fair.

Kaenar Langford

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The Harder They Come, with Total-e-Bound.
It's an older woman/younger man story.

I'll just post some more photos here. Enjoy.


Carol Lynne said...

Gee, I wish Kansas had more events like this. I have to get by with the drag queens.

It looked like you had a wonderful time, and now I'm way jealous. *Carol stomps off to pout*

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Very cool, Kaenar. One of these days I'll get up there with you!

kaenar said...

Hey Carol,
It was amazing. We had a great time. Lots to look at. I had to remember to keep my mouth closed. There was a lot of weird stuff.

Hey, aren't you the woman who's going to a gay dude ranch. You'll have lots of stories after that!


kaenar said...

Hey Cindy,
I'd love for you to come and visit. The Fetish Fair was incredible. Toronto is such a great city, lots to see and do and very safe.


Savannah Chase said...

i had such a blast....i cant wait to hit the next was such a great time......lots to see and lots to get inspired

Laura K said...

Kaenar, as soon as your post mentioned shoes, I knew it was you! boy, you ladies sure had fun in Canada....Wish I had a girlfriend or two that would brave the mean streets of the north side of Chicago to see this stuff.

Thanks for sharing!

kaenar said...

Hey Savannah,

It was a blast eh. I had a great time and I know you did. Can't wait for the next adventure.

kaenar said...

Hey Laura,

I was delighted to see your name. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. You know how much I love shoes and boots. I suspect the north side of Chicago would be different than downtown Toronto.


Jamie Hill said...

These pictures are wonderful! The whole thing looked like so much fun, though I'd probably have been a nervous wreck, LOL

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

you know whats funny, that guy dressed as a baby, looks REAL familiar... he looks like someone I went to high school with but then again I could be wrong...but am still gonna check!

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