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Holiday Postcards.

Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying your summer. I went on my holidays last week to Scarborough on the North East Coast of England. It is a quaint seaside town in Yorkshire and it has 2 beaches, a castle and a myriad of shops and hills.

I've been to Scarborough every year for at least one holiday (sometimes 2) since being 6. That is now 24 years in total and I still love the place and can't wait to go back. Do you have a place that you feel is a home from home? Scarborough is my home from home.

We had the pleasure of attending a Joust day at Scarborough Castle which coincided with my husbands Birthday. We saw two real Jousts (using all wood lances), falconry, a jester and lots more. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.



My favourite part of the day was the falconry, I've always loved birds of prey. We even got to watch some wild Peregrine Falcons Swooping around the castle, it was amazing.

We had great fun doing other activities like making sandcastles, shopping and visiting the museum. We also did a treasure hunt, took a ride around the head on the open top bus and We went on the Miniture railway which I absolutely love. I've been on that little train so many times and I still thrill at it every time I climb aboard.


So theres a round up of my holiday, I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about a typical British Seaside Holiday oh, and by the way, it barely ever rained!

Where have you been for your holiday this year or where are you planning to go?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Looks like a lovely visit! Is this the Scarborough of "Scarborough Fair"?

victoriablisse said...

It is the Scarborough of 'Scarborough Fair' which, as it happens, still does occur once a year, but we missed it this year.

Lyn Cash said...

how interesting, Victoria! *sigh* brings back memories (songs, not travels - but how I wish - lol)