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Since I live in the Democratic National Convention host town of Denver, Colorado, things are pretty exciting on this side of the pond. 15,000 members of the press are here, along with movers and shakers, people with a dream. (Hey, and some people are just dreaming of having our roads open again!)
As if that weren't enough, we've enjoyed the excitement of the Olympics.
No matter who you root for, or where you stand, you can't help but be touched by stories of inspiration. From the runner who finished dead last, but still finished, to the athletes with world class record setting time, we've been touched. Stories of triumph over adversity, of having laser-like focus, of achieving remarkable things, against all odds.
And guess what? You have, too. I have, too. My mother was a parlour maid, my father a sign painter who dreamed of better things.
From the moment I could talk, I wanted to write. And it took ten, long, brutal, heartwrenching years before I sold my first book. And then, I wish I could say it had been easy from there. But it hasn't. Every day, a new challenge, and I still collect as many rejection letters as I do contracts.
Last year came the biggest challenge of all...I'd just gotten my son through school to hear the diagnosis we all dread... Cancer. At 22. What? How??
And still... Inspiration.
I wake up and dream of a new idea. I hear a snippet of conversation and think, What if... And I'm inspired all over again, even if I've just had a rejection.
And my son... Am I humbled by him... He dreamed of returning to the fire line to fight wildland fires. That inspired him through a gruellling winter. He never lost faith. And this May, he reported for duty.
What do you dream of? What do you think of? What makes your heart beat? What's your success story?
We are not who we were, but rather, who we can become.
I dare you to focus on your dreams, and, breathing in a little of that energy and excitement, to be inspired to go for the gold in your life.
What could you accomplish if only you dared try...?

Best wishes....

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks for sharing your own inspirations, Sierra. The challenges that we've overcome are a big part of who we are.

I'm inspired by all my fellow writers who produce book after book while still working full time and taking care of husbands, kids, grandkids... that kind of dedication and perseverance is humbling. And uplifting.