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Inspirations for Blue Magic by Ann Cory

There were many different ideas that inspired my newest release Blue Magic.

The first being that blue is my favorite color. It evokes all kinds of feelings and emotions inside me. I think of the ocean, dreams, the sky, and I also find it to be a very sensual color.

The second idea was magic – I love all things magical. You have visited my Magical Seduction website, right?

The third idea was my love of sapphires. While some women love diamonds, I’m a sapphire kind of gal. Blue and sparkly – those are my staples in life!

And finally – a world beyond the mirror. I guess since childhood when I first watched Alice in Wonderland I’ve imagined a world I could escape into. I like to think it’s possible. Somewhere you can live a different life. Be someone else. Slip into a world made up of creatures you’ve never seen or heard of. Maybe meet that sexy shape-shifter who will sweep you off your feet. Hey, it works for me!
I never know what will inspire the muse - but it would seem this story was inspired by a few of my favorite things :)

Blue Magic blurb

A mysterious mirror is delivered to Ethan’s museum framed with rare sapphires. Instead of his reflection, he sees a blue room and an exotic woman who reminds him of an Arabian princess.

The moment she speaks to him, his body reacts strongly, and he can’t resist the need to be with her. Amara has been trapped inside a mirror for decades, bound to an enchantment that keeps her a prisoner.

When she sees Ethan, her entire being aches for him and she promises to pleasure him like no other, but first she must convince him to step through the mirror into her world.

Ethan’s feelings deepen for Amara and he wants to free her of the enchantment. To do so he must find a rare blue shard cut from glass and use it to break the mirror’s spell. His only clue is a paper with strange symbols and numbers. As he tries to solve the mystery, thieves break into the museum. Ethan knows that if they find the mirror, they will steal it, and Amara will remain captive forever.

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~Ann Cory

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