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What Were They Thinking?

I recently took a road trip with my best friend and fellow TEB author Brynn Paulin and along the way we came across some interesting signs that had us wondering about the thought process of the people who named these places.

There was this one. As far as town names puzzled me. Seriously? What Cheer, Iowa?

Then there was Normal, Illinois. A whole town with the claim of normalcy - particularly the high school? Isn't that an oxymoron or something? I found that amusing.

But not as amusing as this. Cumming, Iowa. Okay, yeah...sometimes I have the mentality of a teenage boy...particularly on twelve hour car rides, but come on...
My favorite part was when Brynn did her best cheerleader impression. "We. Are. Cumming! C-U-M-M-I-N-G! CUMMING!!"

And last but not least, there was this place.
I guess they're pretty common in the Southern
U.S. but I laughed my butt off when I first saw
one. Kum & Go. Really? Seriously? Someone thought that was a good name?
So does anyone know of any other towns or businesses with questionable names?


Dakota Rebel said...

LMAO. With your knack for mis-reading signs as it is, how much Whiplash did you feel triple checking that you weren't just reading them wrong?

Super Duper jealous of the road trip though. From what I've heard y'all had a blast.

But I will see you in a few weeks. Did you know? Or was it supposed to be a secret?


Molly Daniels said...

I tried to get a picture of that sign the last time I passed through, but was out of film! Yes, this was pre-digital...

What about French Lick, Indiana? And we also have Santa Clause. Ah, the sights we miss when we fly!

Brynn Paulin, Author of sassy erotic romance. said...

This is the reason I love road trips and drive instead of fly whenever I can.

I really really loved the attractions signs that were blank. "Nothing here. Nothing to see people. Keep moving..."

LK Hunsaker said...

Michigan has both Climax and Hell. There has to be something deeply philosophical about that.

I'm originally from a town close to Normal, IL. It's the home of Illinois State University. There has to be a good story in that, also. ;-)

Lyn Cash said...

omg - you did not just go there - ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

too funny. enjoyed meeting you two during your pit stop here, though. *grin*

still laughing...we are cumming - gaaawd.

Lyn Cash said...

okay - just read others' posts - CLIMAX, MICHIGAN?

*thud* Sunny falls out of her chair

Dakota Rebel said...

Hey Lyn, every time my ex and I would drive through Climax he would turn and ask me

"Isn't this where we get off?"

Silly yes, but it still makes me laugh to think about it.

Also in Michigan we have Big Beaver Road which is in Troy off of exit 69. Not kidding.

And on Mound Rd in Southfield Michigan you will find:

"Mound Liquor" as well as,
"Mound Cleaners"

We are a strange bunch here in the deadly mitten.