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The BEST review is when I get an email from a reader! As an author it is such a joy to hear that my book has given someone somewhere delight! Second to this is the warm rush from reading a good review.

Forgive me while I brag a little...

"Medardo de Vale is the Tarot Prince, a man who has discovered the secret to immortality and who walks among the tarot cards, calling them friend, seeking about their advice. His immortality comes at a high price as after the death of his love, he sinks deep into despair. Fate however returns his love to him, in the form of Annalise, a simple peasant girl, who struggles with memories not her own. The Tarot Prince follows both on their journey to find the answers to their heart's questions and what the future for them will hold, all the while pursued by dangerous foes who want Medardo's secret of immortality for their own.

I chose this book because I have been reading tarot cards for many years and was curious what I would find among the pages. I was delightfully pleased with what I found. Medardo and Annalise are very interesting characters made very human by their struggles, Medardo with his past of torture and loss and Annalise with her struggle to find who she is among bombardment from memories of who she once was. The story is mirrored but not driven by different cards of the tarot deck, taking you along on the spiritual journey the cards were meant to do. The Tarot Prince started somewhat slowly but towards the end as enemies close in on Medardo, Annalise, and the the allies they have found along the way, culminating in a final battle that leaves you breathless. I definitely recommend this book for any who read the cards and for those who don't."

The Tarot Prince

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Great review, Ellen! You obviously did your research, too.

Anika Hamilton said...

Congrats on the great review.