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Bloggiest of Bloggers

I am running out of steam. LOL. I have been so busy with new projects, new blogs, and promo stuff that I have been at a loss at what to blog about. So, as usually happens when I can't find something interesting to talk are some pics of hot men.

Happy Sunday.

Dakota Rebel


LynTaylor said...

Aaahh .. It's so nice to see a 'manly' chest, with a bit of hair LOL! Not that I mind them smooooooth ;) hahaha

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Dakota!

Your taste in men definitely seems to be consistent with mine. A bit of bad boy mischief, a bit of dark poesy, a touch of muscle...!

Oh, and I second Lyn's comments about the chest hair!

Carol Lynne said...

Thanks, Dakota, for including Duane "The Rock" Johnson for my viewing pleasure. Although. It does lead me to wonder how the heck he ever escaped my "love dungeon" to take that photograph.