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Ghost of a Chance, Coming Sept.22.08

This month is an easy one here for me. I’ve got this book coming out you see so I’m going to gab about that. It’s called Ghost of a Chance, and is a very erotic m/m ghost type mystery, I put together just for the readers of TEB books. As a new author at this publishing house, I’m still learning what’s expected and the proper formatting and such, but there’s one thing I picked up pretty quickly. You all enjoy the hot and steamy side of men…you like em hot. Well, so do I and when there’s more than one, or two, it’s even better.

Ghost of a Chance starts off with one, but quickly you’ll be reading about another, sort of. When Robert Haskins moves into an old farm house, he doesn't expect an erotic visit on his first night there, or his second. A handsome ghost, long dead and troubled, gives him amazing oral sex—and a mystery to solve.

He winds up at the local police station where lone cop and heart throb Joe Sanders is more than eager to help him solve the forty-year-old case. Together, they follow the leads. Can the two of them solve a crime that's been dimmed by time? Will the feelings they have for each other last or die? Do they stand a Ghost of a Chance?

Now, I do hope this has caught your attention, and I’m really hoping you’d like a little bit of an excerpt, ‘cause that’s what’s going to happen next. LOL

Ghost of a Chance

Author: Jude Mason
Erotic Rating: Total e-burning
Book length: Short story
ISBN 987-1-906811-06-8
Release date: Sept.22.08

Chapter One

Silken softness wrapped around his cock, sucking gently, exquisitely.

Robert shifted. Rolling onto his back, he stretched his legs out, barely conscious of being in bed, not really awake.

Wet suction pulled at his shaft. A tongue slid over the crown of his cock, the tip delving into the slit. His thighs eased open.

Yes, a dream. That’s what it is. A wet dream, a fantasy—a disembodied mouth, tongue, lips, teeth, all there just for his pleasure.

The suction eased, the lips barely skimming over his shaft—up and down, up and down. His hips twitched, his buttocks clenched, his thighs tightened. He splayed his knees wider. A tongue moved wetly up his shaft again. The sensation faded.

Excitement waned. He fell into deeper sleep.

A face appeared—dark hair tousled, thick brows with one arched more then the other, sideburns longer than fashionable. The nose had a bump in the middle. Eyes—brown, wide open, framed with beautifully long lashes—watched him. Lips—thick, moist, kissable—opened.

Robert’s hips moved, churned his ass into the bed. Soft sheets brushed against his shaft and its head wept and stuck to the material.

He reached for himself. A squeeze, a tug. He sighed and his slumber again deepened.

The beautiful, handsome face vanished, but the mouth remained. Lips, tongue, brushed the thick dome of his cock.

His balls shifted, moving up closer to his body. He clenched his ass. In sync, his hips rose, pushing his cock shaft further in.

Taking his hand off his cock, he reached lower and cupped the soft, nearly hairless sac below. Holding it, he pulled down on the two walnut-sized orbs.

He relaxed, his sleep deepened again. Time passed.

“You like that, don’t you, my love?” a soft masculine voice whispered huskily.

“Yes,” he hissed. Or I thought I did. Am I speaking? Am I dreaming? Does it matter?

The slickness of a mouth returned, nipping at the flesh along the length of his cock.

His shaft thickened instantly, if it ever actually had deflated at all. He was hard. He wanted to fuck.

He dreamed. The face was back. Thick lashes rose, revealing lust-filled, dark eyes looking up at him. The nose, a little too sharp at the tip, brushed his pubes as the mouth descended, taking him in to the hilt. Grunting, he basked in the feel of that lovely, soft, wet mouth engulfing his cock. The head touched, rubbed against the back of a throat.

“Yes,” he hissed again. Or is it the first time?

He shuddered, reached for the face, connected with…nothing, air, sheets. His fingers slipped over the cool silk fabric, gripped, clenched and held tight while his cock was lavished with gulping pleasure.

A chin nudged his ball sac, pushing the magic orbs to and fro. He arched his back, his fingers and toes curled tight, he was aching for release—half-asleep, half-awake, breathless with lust.

The face vanished. The mouth abandoned him.

Robert sat up. One of his hands rested on the bed behind him, supporting him, the other moved to his stomach. His cock pulsed against his palm. Glancing around, he peered into the corners, along the walls, the window shades drawn tight. He was alone.

He was fucking hard, needed to come. He was exhausted.

Peering at the clock on the bedside table, he saw the arms pointing at the three and the ten. It wasn’t ten fifteen.

Sagging, he fell back on the pillow. Too old for a wet dream, he told himself. Too tired to finish. Still he reached down and cupped himself, sighing. His thoughts wandered to the dream of the face, the mouth, those deep brown, smouldering eyes.

He sighed with pleasure.

Weird dreams. Fuck me dreams. Where’d they come from? His thoughts faded into nothing.

“Open your legs. Let me suck you,” the deep, masculine voice whispered.
He eased his knees apart, pushing his toes against the bundled sheets, spreading his legs comfortably wide. A shiver of pleasure raced up his spine. He slid his hands down to his sac.

“Yeah,” he murmured, more asleep than awake. His balls shifted.

A mouth engulfed the head of his cock. He didn’t have to move, he knew it, trusted his knowing. He simply lay there and enjoyed the wet suckling of his glans and the silken tongue delving into the oozing slit. His ass cheeks clenched. His anus itched. He wanted…something.

The face was there, the dark eyes peering up at him. Amused, teasing.

His cock pulsed, the head battering at the back of a throat, that man’s throat, swallowed, squeezed, released, deliciously held again on its way into his gullet.

A finger slipped back between his ass cheeks, searching, delving for the dark, moist hole nestled between his glutes. The digit slowly eased inside.

Groaning, he flexed his butt, his excitement growing, yet still he half-slumbered. A dream, it has to be a dream.

“Yes, you like this. You always liked it up the ass.” The smooth, masculine voice crept into his sub-conscious, pushing his excitement up a notch.

He wanted to shift, to push his hips up, to bury the deliciously wicked digit deeper into his hungry ass. Sweat trickled down his ribs. He felt that, or dreamed it.

“My sweet Daniel, let me fuck you the way we both love it,” the voice droned.

Who is Daniel?

Phew, it’s suddenly a little warmer in here, don’t you think? This was the opening of the book and wow was it fun to write. It actually went on for some time, but Janice, the editor who keeps me on the straight and narrow, had me cut a little bit of it. In all honesty, it really made the opening stronger, but it was fun trying to figure out what to cut, where and how much. LOL

So, mark your calendars. September 22, Ghost of a Chance will be available through Total E Bound. If you’re a fan of paranormal, gay hunks solving decades old mysteries, you’ll love this one.

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Jamie Hill said...

Ah, you got me-- a fan of paranormal, gay hunks solving decades old mysteries. And I did love this one. Wonderful excerpt Jude, and so glad it will be available soon!


~ Jamie

Ruth Woolsey said...

Hot hunks,ghosts,murder mysteries..
written in your own inimititable style. Can't wait for it to come out so I get to see if you made it a menage with a haunted twist (yes,I know I'm twisted...)

Buffi BeCraft-Woodall said...

Hot Hot Hot!

Ashley Ladd said...

Congrats on your first release. It sounds awsesome. Good luck! Many happy sales.

Michelle Houston said...


I'll just bet this one was a struggle of you to write sweetie. Slaving away for your characters ... day after day. LOL

Great excerpt hon. : ) You TEASE!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Incendiary, Jude! Good luck on the release.