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Hi, my name is Kim and I'm... normal?

Normality has never really made it to the top of my personal to do list, but it appears I may have hit upon it by accident.

Some very nice scientists in Australia have been kind enough to do a bit of research and their conclusion is that Bondage Lovers are Normal.

So, as a result of their hard work, I’m very pleased to be able to introduce myself as a new author to Total-e-bound with the knowledge that I and all the characters I write about are all perfectly normal.

Their research results go on to say that bondage lovers may well be happier than people who do not indulge in kinky sex games - I really can't imagine what's making them so happy...

Well, I can’t speak for the real world, but all of my kinky characters end up very happy by the end of their story. I don’t do unhappy endings.

As you might have guessed by now, most of my characters live towards the leather end of the sexual spectrum. That’s pretty much the only thing some of them have in common with each other.

I write a fifty-fifty split of male/male and male/female titles, ranging from those who indulge in a little bit of tie up and tease, all the way through to those who dedicate themselves to a 24/7 kinky lifestyle.

My first title is called The Gift and it will be out on December 8th as part of the Christmas Spirits Anthology – more about that closer to the date.

I’ve also got another three titles already contracted to come out next year as part of two different series I’m working on. There’ll me more about them in due course, but in the meantime here are the blurbs.

Collared starts with Turquoise and Leather in February -

Leather. Latex. Silver. Gold. Ink. Velvet.

There are as many different shapes and styles of collar as there are people who wear them.

Protection. Possession. Dominance. Submission. Loyalty. Love.
Some collars mean it's time to play, others signify a life time commitment. A fun bit of bondage to one person can easily look like the kinky equivalent of a wedding ring to another. A gold necklace might look vanilla enough until you know what it means to the person wearing it.

But no matter what it's made of or what it represents. Collars are important. A collar can make or break the submissive wearing it - and the dominant who put it around their neck.

It doesn't matter if you are dominant or submissive. Everything changes once one person is Collared.

Perfect Timing will start in March with You First.

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes it takes an exceptional circumstance to make you realise the time has come. And sometimes you just have to wait to get for what you want.

But when the timing is perfect, anything could happen…

At the moment, not having any titles for sale on Total-e-bound or anywhere else, so I’m somewhat short of excerpts to share with you. I do however have a few blurbs for the upcoming titles that are shuffling around nervously, waiting for the actually stories to come along and keep them company.

You can find them on my website or on my blog - Do you Dare?

Kim Dare

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Kim - Welcome to TEB! It sounds as though you're a woman after my own heart. Your views of BDSM sound so familiar. Many people do not understand how something like bondage could be romantic, but I can tell that you do.

I also have a BDSM story in one of the Christmas anthologies. Is yours M/F or M/M?

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Lisabet.

Yes, BDSM and Romance have always gone hand in hand for me - usually with a nice pair of handcuffs around their wrists, just to make sure they that way :)

The Gift is a M/M (with a little bit of M/M/M), for the Spirit of Christmas Past.

Jude Mason said...

Hi Kim,

I did say I was going to pop over to read your post and it's beautifully done. I'm with Lisabet and it seems you, in that BDSM can be incredibly romantic and I've always been very confused by people who can't see it. I write femdom as well as a bunch of stuff, and to me, the kink is an addition to the romance, or part of what makes the relationship romantic.

Pout, I don't have anything in the Christmas antho's. But I do have a new release with TEB and several more contracted along with my writing partner Jamie Hill. I'm sure we'll be bumping into each other a lot.

Again, welcome to the TEB family, Kim and here's to much success!


Kim Dare said...

Hi Jude. Thanks for the welcome.

I don't have any femdom titles at the moment - they're all male dom - but I never rule anything out. You're right, the kink is what can make or break the romance for me.

Ghost of a Chance looks like a great read.

Jamie Hill said...

Hi Kim,

Your books sound wonderful! I'll be watching for them.

I'm more into male dom myself, (Jude is the queen of femdom!) I've got a new BDSM series starting in Feb. with TEB called the Rose & Thorn Society. The first book is Switching Seth. *G*

Welcome to TEB!


Kim Dare said...

Hi Jamie.

Thanks for the Welcome.

The Rose & Thorn Society sounds great. Fantastic name for a series.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I love me some bondage. :) I am so excited for the release of these books! They sound wonderful!

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Bronwyn.

I'm incredibly excited too :)