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Location, Location!

My August post wasn't the least bit naughty, so I thought that I'd better make up for that in September. Actually I was inspired by Desirée Holt's blog earlier this month on the topic of "How to Have Sex in an Elevator".

I've never had the opportunity to get it on in a lift, but I will admit to having been involved in sexual activity in some unusual locations. I was lucky enough to come of age in that golden time between the invention of the Pill and the onset of AIDS, as well as to have been brought up by parents with rather liberal attitudes. During my twenties and thirties, I wouldn't exactly say that I was wild. No, I'd rather describe myself as "passionate" and "experimental". I married in my late twenties, but especially in the early years of our marriage, my husband was pretty passionate and experimental, too.

I hope that I'm not shocking you.

So, I've had sex in quite a variety of uncommon settings:

On a plane. Yes, I'm a member of the "Mile High" club. In the loo, not in my seat. Though I did recently write a story about a more brazen aerial encounter. (See below!)

On a Greyhound Bus. It was dark, and we had a blanket, so the escapade was less extreme than it may sound.

On the floor of a church. This was not intended to be sacrilegious! When I was in grad school, my boyfriend and I traveled to Mardi Gras. The city of New Orleans had opened up all the public buildings including the churches to accommodate penniless voyagers like us. We were inside a sleeping bag. On the other hand, we were surrounded by about two hundred other people.

On the ramparts of a castle. On a ferris wheel. In an underground car park. Okay, I'll admit that none of these were the whole hog, just some X-rated fooling around.

On the sandy ground in the Colorado desert, under the burning sun, surrounded by cacti, scorpions and tarantulas. We didn't really notice the hostile environment until afterwards...

In most cases, my lover and I were not trying to be crazy or daring just for the sake of the novelty. Desire overwhelmed us. We couldn't wait. I didn't know that, later in life, I'd become a writer of erotic romance and be able to use my experiences as inspiration.

Of course, not all the sex scenes in my books are based on my own life. Most, in fact, are not. My writing is more likely to reflect my fantasies than my personal history. My characters have sexual encounters in many locations that I've never considered. (All right, perhaps I've considered them, but I haven't followed through!):

On stage. In Raw Silk, Kate has an F/F encounter on the stage of a Thai go-go bar.

On a billiards table. In Incognito, Miranda gets involved with two shady characters in a down-market waterfront cafe.

In a Chinese restaurant. Kate is sequestered with her Thai lover in a private cubicle at a hundred-year old establishment in Chinatown.

In a London taxi. In Ruby's Rules, Rick teases Ruby with her own whip in the back seat of the cab.

Bent over a backyard picnic table. In Rendezvous, Tony takes Rebecca even as the Halloween party is in full swing. Of course, he's a ghost, so maybe nobody can see them...

Honestly, I don't choose my sexual settings purely for their shock value. Not usually, anyway! It's simply that my characters tend to get carried away, just as I used to. (I'm twenty six years married now, and my husband is in his sixties, so we've both calmed down. Some.)

Every now and again, though, I'll fantasize about putting my characters into the most compromising locations that I can imagine. Just for the fun of it. Recently I submitted a story called "Red Eye" to an print anthology about "mile high" sex. I haven't heard yet from the editor whether it has been accepted, but I don't think she'd mind if I gave you a short sample, just to whet your appetite.

=== X Rated Excerpt from "Red Eye" ===

He was not gentle like the men she had dreamed about before she knew him. He was not tender. Still, she had no doubts that he was meant for her. In the darkened cabin, he read her body like Braille. He knew how to tease every nuance of pleasure out of her wet and open flesh. While one hand held her gagged, the other toyed with her nipples through her blouse, twisting and squeezing the swollen nubs. She worried briefly that he'd tear the fabric, until the seething flood of sensation washed her worries away.

Above the susurrations of the passengers shifting in their seats, the coughs and the snores and the faint babble of movie sound tracks, she could hear the slap of his balls against her bare thighs and his open-mouthed panting. The steamy jungle smell of her cunt rose around them. She was sure that someone would notice, would turn around to check the empty rows toward the back of the section. His palm smothered her moans. Then the pulse of his come inside her swept her into a whirling climax. The engine whined in her ears. Gravity released her. She floated weightless, shaken by spasms of pleasure so intense that they practically stripped her of consciousness.

When she came to herself, she was on her knees, her face buried in the cushion, the seat belt buckle digging into her cheek. There was no trace of him, save for the burning in her cunt and the used condom she found under the seat. She pulled herself to her feet, smoothed her uniform down over her torn pantyhose, slipped back into her sensible pumps. She was still shaking.


So now it's your turn. Tell me the wildest place you've ever made love. Or tell about the location that you're dying to try!


Kim Richards said... fella would keel over and die if I told some of the awesome places we've enjoyed one another. Let's just say family would be appalled! ;)

Ashley Ladd said...

Amusing post today. I can see I'll have to have my heroes and heroines get more adventurous.

Lisabet Sarai said...

As I said, Ashley, it's not adventure for adventure sake (well, not usually...!) But sometimes, passion can't wait!

Jennah said...

Hm, this one got me thinking...let's see...on top of a cliff, the beach...I'm sure there's been more. He begged me to join the mile high club last winter with him but I just couldn't do it :)

Molly Daniels said...

I guess I'm not that adventurous. The most weird place I can come up with is the conference room of one of my ex's workplace!

I know...I'm sheltered!