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A Panty Dilemma...

As I drove to my dayjob early this morning, I was listening to my favorite radio station and the DJ was discussing the use of the word, 'panty,' and how so many women detest using that word.

I don't mind using the word, yet, some of the women who called into the show said that the word 'panty' sounds old-fashioned, and...some went on to say that only perveted older men use the word now days. These statements made me wonder that if I used the word 'panty' in my romance writing, that perhaps I've turned off some women out there. I never realized that the word 'panty' is outdated.

So, I ask you, fellow authors/readers: What word should I be using?

Instead of 'panty' should I say 'underthing?' Lingerie? Underpants? ( that word sounds really old-fashioned!). We can't say 'thong' because that is an entirely different piece of underwear all-together.

If the panty hugs the hips, I know they're called 'hip huggers.' If they're skimpier, they're referred to as 'bikinis.' Now, if it is a full-fledged panty, what in heck should we be calling it if not 'panty?'

The women who called in didn't have suggestions (oddly enough). So...what do you suggest? Because from now on, when I write, I want to refer to this controversial piece of women's underwear using the correct term.

Give me your suggestions. I'd love to hear them.

Have a super day (and don't get your panties in a snit! lol...).

Catherine Chernow


Kim Dare said...

I call them knickers in my stories - I've always liked the word for some strange reason.

Although it might be a british term?

LynTaylor said...

Knickers or undies could possibly be the latest terms. I have no idea. I just call them undies LOL!

Jude Mason said...

Now this is something I'd never thought of. Knicers is the English version of the word, but I believe it's been around for a very very long time. I like panties, but then I've been around for a very very long time too. LOL I've used undies, panties and knickers. I can't recall anything else. Come to think of it, some of those panties were on guys... oops! Never mind.