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Seasons of Lust - poem by Ann Cory

Seasons of Lust
by Ann Cory
(copyright 2007)

Autumn Sunrise

As I fall into your arms
and kiss your golden skin
I am reminded
of our walks
in the park
where we fall
to the crisp ground
covered in soft, rich earth
playing games beneath
the cover of leaves.
Our bodies secluded, hidden
your fingers
between my thighs
brushing against
my sacred trove.

Fireside Lover

Bare as the trees
come winter
our limbs entwined
before a roaring fire
as we talk of desire.
The sparks ignite
my inner passion
for you
burning deep to
keep me warm
inside your blanket
of eternal love.

Fervor of Spring

Alive with the scent
of fresh and new
Coy glances
Wild flirtations
Peeling away layers
Of our clothes
and inhibitions
as we explore
our love so strong
no longer dormant
from the kiss
of Winter.

Sultry Heat of Summer

In the blaze
behind your eyes
lips of fire melt
my skin.
Love crashes
against the waves
while I lay drunk
from the liquor
between your thighs
and our glasses of
Sex on the beach.
Your nakedness,
Such beauty
to be explored
while wrapped in
my warm embrace.