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Sexy is where you look

A lot of women like men with big bicep muscles. Others go for a tight tush. Others find the sight of six-pack abs makes them swoon. For me, it's the forearm. There's something about a man with muscular forearms emerging from rolled up shirt cuffs that sends shivers down my spine. The important thing to remember is that it isn't always the obvious thing that appeals to us and sends our thoughts winging their way to the, ah, bedroom.

In the same way, erotic is also very individual. Sure, there are the usual bodily suspects, but there are also places on our body that can heat us up and which are not initially obvious. The nape of the neck is obvious, but how about a lick along the bottom of our feet? A kiss of one of our lower ribs? The rubbing of an unshaven chin against the small of our back? I'm almost purring when I think of it.

One thing I really like about being a romance author is that it has forced me to look at the whole body as a precursor to physical intimacy, not just the genitals. Each time I sit down to write a romantic scene, I try very hard to come up with something different, and that means exploring the potential of parts of our bodies, of thoughts, of situations, that I may not have considered before. I honestly believe that these thought exercises have helped me in my own marriage, by bringing spice and an added sense of difference to the relationship. And I wonder whether any of you readers have also found the same thing.

Have you read anything in a romance that you later tried out with your partner? And how did it go? Would you do it again? C'mon, you're among friends here. We promise we won't tell anyone else. ::wink::

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Bobbie said...

Funny you should blog about body parts and intamacy because I've been thinking about that. The book I'm working on has a hero who kisses the heroine's nose -- just the light peck when she least expects it. It's not erotic for them, but intimate just the same. And constant -- it's a habit he's developing. Thanks for pointing this out because as authors we need to remember not to always go with the obvious.