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Ten Wild and Crazy Places to Have Sex

Yep...after reading all the blog posts, I, too, decided to give you a top 10. This one even counts for research...I know I'll be using a couple of these in upcoming WIPs!

1. So, you think books are sexy. How about having sex at the library?

2. Meetings are boring; how about trying out a few new positions on the main conference table (and then rehashing the encounter in your mind every staff meeting!)

3. In the elevator during a blackout (wasn't that a movie?)

4. Have an oral fixation? Take care of it with food and a little oral sex under the table at your favorite fancy restaurant. Just make sure the tableclothes are l-o-n-g!

5. Okay, so doing it in the backseat isn't so out of the ordinary. How about in the front seat...while driving!

6. How about a little nookie while waiting in line for the movie? That way, you don't miss the previews or the show!

7. Public bathrooms, and not just those a mile off the ground. Try it in the local fast food joint or how about the gym?

8. Or, if you need a little visual stimulus to go along with your sex, how about in those little cubicles at the local "adult" store or behind the curtain at the video rental place?

9. On really long bus trips when everyone is either focused on the movie or sleeping.

10. And last, but not least, in the confessional at a local catholic church.

So, where does your fantasy take you??? Enquiring minds want to know.

Ericka Scott

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