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Gypsies, Knights and...damn fine looking men!

OK, OK. I'm late again! It's been one of those days already! I'm so brain dead that I couldn't even remember my phone number to give to the service guy when I dropped off my car. So there's not a prayer that you'll get witty, creative writing on the blog today.

Instead, the Renaissance Festival has just concluded in our neck of the woods, so I thought I would share some of what I saw while visiting every weekend. Some of the players got such enjoyment out of their roles, you thought you really were living in the Middle Ages.

OK, so I didn't see Adrian Paul at the Ren Fest. I can always WISH I saw him!

You still have time to order "Twelfth of Never", my Halloween short story from TEB with a ghost and lots and lots of sex. What could be better? (OK, besides candy?)
Have a great day!

1 comment:

Jamie Hill said...

Yum, those pictures were worth a thousand words, dearie!

And I highly recommend Twelfth of Never, it's got it's own hunk and lots and lots of hot sex!!!

Great post, Bobbie!