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Just Sharing ...

I was stressing this morning. School holidays are finally over and I have a pile of covers to do. I'm already a week behind after a quick trip down to Sydney to see the family AND I have do think up something interesting for my blogs.

So not quite sure about what I was going to do I though I'd start searching for some cover stock. I sat my 4yo son down in front of the Sony for a couple of hours so I could get a bit of peace (yes I'm a bad mother) anyway, before I knew it I stumbled across this delightful image.

Geez, I love this job *sigh* I had to buy it, of course. Not that I have a particular cover in mind for him at the moment. But wow! He could park his boots under my bed any day of the week!

I just can't stop looking at this guy. I'd add him to my ever expanding 'sexy guy' wall above my computer except that my husband is starting to get a little antsy about all these guys staring back at him. LOL!

I love that he looks like he's about to 'do' something which I feel a lot of the stock images just seem to lack. He's captured that broody/challenging look without it looking sleezy. He's also just the right body type for me, he's tall, dark ... *sigh* Yep, this is one of the few male images that I would rate in the perfect category.

Anyway, with me being such a Visual person I often wonder what it is that attracts me to a particular image. If I don't find a model attractive, I generally won't use them. Thank goodness it is now considered 'the norm' to chop off heads or else my pickings would be very slim indeed. Of course, no doubt I overlook quite a lot of good stock because of my own personal tastes (or lack there of).

So this month, because I'm a bit behind, I thought I'd tempt you with a little collection of the stock images (or more to the point - male models) that do it for me. Perhaps you will see a pattern in my selections (which I'd love you to share because I'm yet to pinpoint what it is that catches my eye). Or who knows, perhaps you'll even find your next hero staring back at you.


(my apologies for those images with the ugly watermarks)

P.S. Yes, yes ... I know Hugh is not a stock model but how could I resist that face!!

1 comment:

Lisabet Sarai said...

I'll take the guy in the suit... oh and I do love dark locks falling poetically in a guy's face...

Thanks for the inspiration!