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Makin' a list and checkin' it twice.

Gonna find out who's naughty not nice.

The Top Ten Fetishes

Last month I wrote about female fantasies. This
time I’m heading down a parallel path. A popular site polled its readers, both male and female, and compiled a list of the Top Ten Fetishes. Of course, you know I’m absolutely delighted to share their findings with you.

Coming in (pardon the horrible pun) at Number Ten: Stomachs
Taut stomach. Those words send a quiver down many a female spine. Turns out it does the same to many a male spine as well. We both like to nib
ble, to lick, to slide our hands over a firm belly. Thankfully, some men who responded also thought it sexy to see a woman with a little pot belly.

Sitting at Number Nine: Body Piercings
This fetish is most popular with the eighteen to thirty-five year olds who say they like to see piercings of bellybuttons, tongues, nipples and eyebrows. Penis piercings are also very popular. I’m not sure if that means to have a penis piercing or to experience one through sex. Many respondents admitted that not only were the piercings acceptable, for a few, they were a prerequisite.

Residing at Number Eight: Leather, Rubber, Latex and Vinyl
The males who listed this as a favourite fetish weren’t interested in the feel of these materials as much as the pornographic look of them. Although they may choose to settle down with a good girl, they will always love the ‘bad girl’ look. Men adore the tease of a woman moving around in anything tight and shiny.

Women love the look, the feel, the smell of men in leather. This one definitely gets my vote. Why isn’t it Number One?

Settling in at Number Seven: Domination and Submission
Well, well, well, I really like this one. Women love t
o dominate and men love to submit. And anywhere but the boardroom, that seems to be happening. Men like to be spanked, ordered around like slaves and many of them like to be penetrated with a strap-on. Women like to make that happen for them. Too bad the domination and superior power don’t happen everywhere. That would be mighty fine.

Taking Number Six: Feet and Hands

Men, more than women, seem to have a foot fixati
on. They love licking, sucking, kissing and biting the feet of the female. Some men admitted they couldn’t date a woman if she had ugly toes or feet.

For some women, it was a man’s hand that got them off. They said they could orgasm just from sucking a man’s fingers. They likened it to the p
leasure of having a penis in their mouth.

Resting at Number Five: Fingernails and Lipstick
It sounds like a throwback to a bygone era, but the love of red lipstick and long shiny scarlet nails is alive and well. Thriving in fact. Men confessed that they
enjoy the feel of those sharp fingernails running down their backs.

And the lipstick? Must be a fetish for the Victorian era b
ecause the male respondents revealed how they love to kiss a woman, smudging her crimson lipstick over both their faces. It was akin to having sex with a harlot.

Standing at Number Four: Braids, Ponytails and Pigtails
Long, straight, curly, fuzzy, blond, brunette or redhead-they were all mentioned as favourites, but why braids, ponytails and pigtails? Part of the
attraction is men’s love of younger women and the images of the schoolgirl these three styles project. Many talked about the incredible sensation of long hair teasing and stroking their bare skin.

Some women love a shiny bald head, especially rubbing it while in a passionate embrace.

Situated at Number Three: Water
Both men and women spoke of an obsession with water during sex. Many wanted to be in the rain or under the steamy spray of a shower, while others only needed to hear running water to enjoy sex.

Lying at Number Two: Golden Showers

For something that seems so forbidden and lewd, it must be more prevalent than one would imagine to hold the number two position. The golden shower proved to be incredibly popular, more often than not with men. Having a woman urinate on them is seen as foreplay, while others feel the act of peeing on a woman is a powerful way to push themselves to arousal. This fetish goes back to domination and submission. Either you submit to someone or they succumb to your desires.

Holding at Number One: Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
Many men acknowledged that they couldn’t come with their partner unless they were watching porn or another couple having sex. They stated that if either of those stimuli was present and their partner wasn’t there, they had to masturbate.

Although only a very small number of women said they needed to see others having sex to enjoy it themselves, quite a few liked to be watched while making love.

So there you have it. The Top Ten Fetishes. Did I hit on any of yours?

Thanks to for the wonderful list.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

I'm not sure that I'd view an attraction to hard abs as a fetish... but you've picked up on quite a few others that I like, and like to write about.

I've actually written one or two golden shower scenes, but they've been censored by my editor. Maybe art isn't ready to imitate life.

kaenar said...

One of my very fine, upstanding gay friends said a golden shower was his fetish. He's a well respected businessman and I was surprised. I enjoyed writing around the list. It's amazing to see what makes people tick.

Kim Dare said...

I think I've got at least a few characters who are into everything on the list.

As for me, I'm left wondering how anyone could leave D/s lingering down so low down the list! Even if it's not a proper fetish, if it's on any list it should be right there at the top ;)

Savannah Chase said...

wow that is a list....oh boy dog man brings back memories...that was an iteresting day....