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Series Angst: Guardian's Redemption

When I first set out to write about the Storm Lords, I had in mind a series of books. The story arc centers around identical quadruplet princes and their fight to save their homeworld, Tanselm. I figured on four books at first. But after book one, their uncle intrigued me. Considering that the Storm Lords control magic and live a long time, I had no problem imagining a romance for their virile uncle, Arim.

My series started with another publisher. The first book came out in Nov 2005. Books two, three, and four came out in 2006. Every one of the books hit the Fictionwise bestseller list and did very well with the publisher. Readers seemed to like it, and I was in heaven.

Then I made the mistake of not finishing. I wanted to do other projects. I did. I wrote paranormals, contemporaries and futuristics. A few months went by. Then I stopped writing for that publisher. Dilemma time.

I desperately wanted to finish my series. Readers wanted to know how it ended. Who would eventually be the overking? Would the bad guy die in the end? How the heck would it all wrap up? So I wrote the last book over a year ago. Problem was, I needed to publish it with another publisher, so the book definitely had to be a stand-alone, as well as an ending to a series.

Easier said than done. I deleted whole chapters. Rewrote the sucker twice. I had a reader read the thing, something I've never done before the book was published. Rae gave me some valuable insights and a new beginning to run with.

Do I think it works now? I hope so. I love the story, and even as I finished the book, two secondary characters that played a large part in the overall story arc are crying out for their own books. But at this point they'd have to be completely separate stories. I really am involved in other things, but I feel good that I finally wrapped up the Storm Lords.

My biggest concern is that people who've never read the series will forgo this book. This is NOT book five, but it is the fifth book, if that makes sense. Check out the blurb and enjoy!
They call him Guardian of Storm and Killer of Shadow, a magic user more powerful than any Tanselm has ever seen. Yet for all his power, Arim Valens has let his nemesis and ex-lover, Lexa, slip through his grasp time and time again. For three hundred years Aim and the sexy Dark Lord have battled each other. Only one thing could bring them together. Tanselm--a magical land filled with riches, power, and an underlying sentience overflowing with love for creatures both Light and Dark. To save Tanselm from an encroaching evil, Arim will risk everything. And it will take all his power and compassion to heal hurts both old and new, and to redeem himself in the eyes of the only woman he's ever truly loved.
To read an excerpt, click here.

Guardian's Redemption is coming to Total E-Bound November 10th. I can't wait! A new Storm Lords book, a return to a magical world and a conclusion to a story arc that's been in limbo for a year. And I even love the cover! It's all good.


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