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Virgin post! Let's start things off with a bang!

How Hot!
By Sascha Illyvich

How hot are you?
How hot are you?
Tell me now and tell me true,
If I were there, what would you do?

This little ditty came from an ex girlfriend of mine who was a real treat! I mean, uninhibited as all get out! Too bad we broke up before I got the chance to find out, right? LOL!

Seriously though, with the rising heat levels our publishers are putting out, it begs me to ask the question: How hot is too hot?

Ménage-a-trois are becoming popular, especially among female readers and gay males who like to see men fucking other men.

I can dig that. Bisexuality is fun!

And as long as the author writes the scene well and it flows across the pages, I’m down with it, personally. But lately, I’ve been pushing boundaries. When I redid my first vampire novel (I’m subbing it to Kensington’s Aphrodisia line and querying agents!) the first sex scene is what I’m labeling a “reverse rape” or forced seduction scene. Remember those from the 70’s? I don’t. I didn’t start reading romance until the late 90’s, and it was the BLAZE line from Harlequin. Sex was hot, very hot. Language was pretty open for romance then. It wasn’t quite like the erotica I started writing, but it was still much different than your standard closed door love scenes.

But in ENDANGERED, (that’s my vampire novel, you see?) I had one of my heroines taste the hero’s cum. It served a purpose, my vampires are kinky! And you can tell a lot about a man’s diet by what his cum tastes like. (That’s another article!) In a later erotic romance, I started including hardcore BDSM elements and porno movie like scenes. There’s one scene in “Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub Mix) where my heroine’s getting fucked in the ass and she begs the hero to pull out and cum all over her ass.

Is this too much for you? My beta readers didn’t think so even after I explained why I was pushing boundaries. In a later scene in that book, the heroine walks in on my hero anal fucking the secondary male character who is decidedly gay (that is, Jan woke up one day and decided to be gay!) and she’s angry because the queer won’t share the wolf she’s tied to through Faery Lust. Later, she pays the hero back by making him fuck her while she sucks off one of his subordinates.

Is this too much? I had a point when I wrote the story and again, my beta readers loved the hot sex. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of woman on back legs spread getting fucked missionary sex. It’s boring. I read erotic romance not just for the plot but for the HOT SEX!

How many of you are into anime and YAOI in particular?

This is all relevant, but what say you?


Renee DeMarcus said...

Hi Sascha!

Listen now, no need to hold back with your virgin post. You really need to overcome this shyness. Really, Sascha, it's okay to talk about sex.;)

How hot is too hot? Easy, the readers decide. If a book/author goes too far, readers simply won't buy it. Do I think you've gone to far? Well, no, like many readers, erotica provides and escape for me, a sensual escape. So books that push boundaries and allow characters to engage in activities that I never have, entice me.

One thing though, you mentioned porn and many equate porn with a lack of plot and a void of emotion. I know your books contain both, so I wouldn't call the scenes porn, I'd just say really hot.

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

Oh I'd never call my scenes pornographic unless that's what they were :)

No holding back. K. Got it. Money shot anyone?

Thanks babe :)

Glsmeltr said...

An excellent Virgin Post!

Especially given the fact that you are normally so reticent with your ideas and opinions! "grin"

Personally, I prefer books that push the boundaries. The harder they push, the better I like them

So keep pushing!

Of course this is just one readers opinion, but, I think the audience is out there, so write what you love, write from the heart, push peoples buttons and push those boudaries!

Anime yes! YAOI....not so much...

Money Shot!! :-)~

Crissy said...

How hot is too hot???

Actually this is a very good question.

I have read all the heat levels. I do not write all the heat levels though.

I love to write the down and dirty and have even ventured into the BDSM (took your seminar Sascha) but I do stay away from what I don't know alot about. I wouldn't want to steer someone wrong! You know!

But I think the hotter the better with erotica. Graphic scenes to catch your attention.

And I've read even the 'taboo' so I'm easy to please and don't think you could reach past my bounderies lol!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Funny, but I never ask myself "how hot is too hot?". My stories tell me how hot they need to be. I've written a range of heat levels, including things that would be taboo by TEB standards, but I never ratchet up the heat just for its own sake.

The characters tell me what they want to do - whether they want to push the limits or not.

In my writing, the actions are not nearly as important as how the characters feel about those actions.

That being said, I worry that many romance readers will be uncomfortable with the explicitness and kinkiness of some of my work. INCOGNITO, for instance, includes bdsm with both male and female tops, m/m, f/f, menage (both m/f/f and m/f/m plus a scene where there's a woman and two men but the woman is disguised as a man), sex with strangers, anal sex, sex in public... etc. And yet the focus of this novel is NOT on the sex itself, but on the main character's trying to understand her own desires and needs.

Ruth said...

Too hot??? When cold showers turn to steam..... but then you know how I feel about that already darlin.... just keep writing.

Kim Dare said...

I don't think there is any such thing as too hot - I'm comfortable writing or reading about anything the characters can enjoy doing.

I've never looked at a sex scene and thought it was too explicit or too kinky or pushed the boundaries too far.

But on the other hand, certain things, like certain types of forced scenes, just don't do anything for me. Not because I find them too hot, but because I often fail to see what's hot about them.

If the characters really don't enjoying whats happening to them, I find it hard to enjoy reading about it.

Saying that, I'm often amazed by some of the things my characters truely enjoy doing or having done to them - especially the masochists :)

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

So I'm probably good with cum tasting, swapping, etc.

I only had one forced scene in "Stalker" which my beta readers seemed to enjoy.

What I'm hearing is good feedback from all of you :) Thank you for making this virgin post a BANG!