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What's important to you?

Most people know I run a motel in my everyday life. It’s only two and a bit hours from Sydney so we get a lot of trade on the weekends, particularly if the sun is shining. That’s when the tourists seem to come out of the woodwork and flock down to Huskisson, our little bit of the southern New South Wales coast here in Australia. In some ways, despite my age, I think I may have been a wee bit naïve when we took over four years ago. Not any longer! Lol It’s amazing what I’ve learned since I’ve been here.

I think I’ve seen every human characteristic imaginable walk through the door of our reception. I don’t think human nature will ever surprise me again. But the thing that does surprise me is what people feel are important to them. Important enough to either drive miles back to pick up when fuel prices are at a premium. Or important enough to waste the money on postage to have the item returned to them. And let me tell you, some of the things would surprise you.

Clothing is invariably left behind, tucked away in the wardrobe in the room. Unless it’s a substantial amount of clothing, most people either don’t remember they left them here, or figure it’s cheaper to go out and buy new clothing. Sometimes it will be good leather jackets or fantastic evening frocks that you can tell are brand new. We do our best to contact the person and let them know their stuff is here, but more often than not, they just tell us to forget about it. I’m sure the Goodwill shop enjoys the donations our motel makes on a regular basis.

But how about this? Think the owner would want me to post it back to her?

This is an actual photo of one of the many sex toys left at our motel. And, no, the owner of said item didn’t want it returned. lol So it’s gloves on, girls, and toss it into the rubbish.

Lacy panties are regularly found on the floor, under the bed, in the bed or in the bathroom. Underwear we don’t keep. In the bin with it!

But we did have one young lady ring and ask for these back.
I guess the panties probably cost her five dollars at most. Given she wanted them sent in an express package, the postage would have been closer to ten dollars. Bizarre!

Funny! We never get bras left behind. lol

Now this young lady definitely wanted these back and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about ringing me and asking for them.
Lol Maybe hubby bought them for her and was a tad disappointed she didn’t think they were important enough to remember to pack.

Here’s the thing that really surprises me. The number of people who will turn their car around and drive miles back out of their way to collect bottles of alcohol they left behind. We’ve even had calls for half-empty bottles of alcohol.
*shaking head here*

If it’s opened, it goes down the drain and the bottle in the bin. If it’s unopened, it goes into a box in the commercial kitchen and is stored until after the Christmas holidays. If it isn’t retrieved by the end of February, then it’s used in a staff party, a late Christmas party because we are too busy at Christmas to actually celebrate.

Amazing what people feel are important. So inquiring minds want to know what you’d go back for if you left it behind. What’s important to you?


Kim Dare said...

What's important? Good Question.

In the grand scheme of things, I think there are few things that can't be replaced.

That said, while I'd happily leave the knickers and the sex toys behind. There's no doubt I'd turn the car around and go back to fetch the leather jacket or the handcuffs :)

Alexis Fleming said...

ROFL I would have returned for the leather jacket too. It was a beauty. And the lady with the handcuffs? She wanted hers back, but I still have about four pairs unclaimed. lol

Lisabet Sarai said...

Sounds like your motel is quite the good time place, Alexis! Those handcuffs are something. Glad you thought to take a picture before you returned them!

What's important? Not things, that's for sure. But laughter, like the chuckles your post inspired - that's worth a lot.

Saroya said...

well, the panties might have been part of a set her hubby or boyfirend bought her. And she might been with someone else when she lost them.

Interesting, very interesting

Alexis Fleming said...

Saroya, that was my initial thought, too, that maybe hubby bought them for her. We are actually a respectable motel, despite what it sounds like. But we do get couples come in different cars and ask us not to say they were there if anyone rings. lol

And Lisabet?
I've learned to take pictures of everything that happens here. I didn't realise what a minefield the whole litigation and public liability thing is until I got here. Now I snap pictures of everything so our butts are covered if anything comes back on us. lol