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Dream Job?

So what's your dream job?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist one more list. When you get to the bottom, you'll see why I chose it.

A recent survey of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom showed some surprising results when they were asked to tell what their dream job would be. Here are their Top Ten. I thought many of the choices were surprising, astounding really. What do you think?

Number Ten: Musician

Seems like the dream of 'making it big' that many people had as a teenager, has carried on into their adult life.

Number Nine: Restaurant Owner

I love to eat out whenever I get a chance, but I couldn't imagine the stress and strain of owning and running a restaurant.

Number Eight: Movie Director

This seems like such a strange choice for a dream job. Maybe people felt it was a way to meet famous stars.

Number Seven: Physiotherapist

Okay, this one is downright weird. I can't imagine choosing this as a dream job. Getting to put your hands on people? I just don't know.

Number Six: Police Officer

Gun, uniform, tight breeches, leather perhaps. I know people would choose it for the 'serve and protect' part.

Number Five: Photographer

Another list had Playboy photographer as a top choice. Again, maybe people look at this profession as a way to meet people, famous or otherwise.

Number Four: Paramedic

I can't imagine a more stressful profession. Every call would be an emergency. Definitely not for me, but I'm sure glad they're out there.

Number Three: Landscape Gardener

You have to remember the survey was done in the United Kingdom where almost everyone has some sort of garden.

Number Two: Teacher

I did this for thirty years. I loved working with children, but it's certainly a demanding job. Although I loved teaching, I'm not sure I'd say it was my dream job. P.S. You know that's not a photo of me, don't you?

Number One and the whole reason I posted the list: WRITER

Yes, the number one dream job of the 2,000 people polled was- a writer. Now that I can agree with. Every day when I sit at my computer, I think how lucky I am to be able to spend my days and, sometimes, my nights writing. It most certainly is a Dream Job. (Ignore the picture. That never happens.)

Thanks to The Occupational Adventure for this list.

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Kim Dare said...

After hearing a bit about Indulge Me, I'm shocked to here that working at a spar like that isn't in the top ten!

But they got the number one spot right - Writing is definitely my dream job too.

Although, at various times I've planned out careers as a vet, an engineer, an army officer, a librarian and a dozen other things. But since I still - I get to be all those things through my different characters, I sure I picked the one in the end.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Little do they know about the truth of being a writer! (LOL!)

Actually, my current job is close to my dream - teaching undergrads and graduate students a subject that I know and love.