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The Gift

Hi everyone,

I've finally got something to share with you about an up coming release!

It's my first story to be published by Total-e-bound. Actually, it's actually my first story to be published anywhere, lol, so I'm incredibly excited about it.

The Gift is a male/male BDSM novella and it's part of Total-e-bound's Christmas Spirits series. It's due to be released on 8th December, along side A Present Christmas by J.P. Bowie and Tomorrow's Gifts by Lisabet Sarai - both male/male stories, featuring the Spirits of Christmas Present and Future respectively.

Here's the blurb:

If Charles prefers leather to tinsel, that’s okay. Nicky is still sure he can teach his master to love Christmas – with the aid of a perfect gift.

Just because Charles doesn’t see any point in making a fuss about Christmas, that doesn’t mean he can’t tolerate Nicky’s passion for tinsel and holly. He’s never forbidden his pet from enjoying any of his Christmas traditions and he thinks that’s enough.

Nicky has one ambition – to give his master a perfect Christmas. He’s willing to do anything to make that happen – even if it means taking risks and asking his master for special privileges - even if that means inviting a third man into their bed.

The Spirit of Christmas Past isn’t used to visiting Christmases that involve quite so much nudity, passion or kinky sex. Leading a dominant man like Charles through the Christmases isn’t easy – and keeping his eyes off the frequently naked Nicky is impossible. Still, all the spirit can do is enjoy the show – because his job is to bring lovers together and fade away inconspicuously. That’s the plan. However, if someone suddenly wants to thank him, who is he to say no?

And here's an excerpt:

Nicky unrolled a length of bright red ribbon from a cardboard spool and laid it neatly on the floor in front of him.

He placed the others items from his stash next to it. Lube first and then a bright red butt plug - complete with a pattern of little snow flakes and Christmas bells printed over the smooth surface. He tied one end of the ribbon to the flat end of the plug and considered the effect. He formed the end of the ribbon into a bow and nodded his satisfaction to the empty room. It would do nicely.

Nicky deftly coated it with lube and worked the rounded end of the plug inside his hole. It rubbed right against his prostate. Nicky wriggled against the intrusion. The lube was warm from its hiding place so close to the blaze that filled the fireplace all day. If felt amazing inside him.

He wriggled again as he sat back on his heels. The ribbon bow tickled his buttocks. He took a calming breath. A certain amount of frustration was to be expected. Taking up the roll of ribbon he began to wind it around his body.

Up over his shoulder to follow the line of his leather collar, where he attached a little gift tag, then down to crisscross over his chest. The bright red ribbon rested neatly against his pale body, the contrast making his skin look snowy white.

The room progressed from not very warm to bloody freezing as the last of the day’s warmth faded into the old stone building. Nicky shivered.

As he wound the ribbon around and around his body, it became increasingly difficult to hold onto it. With his arms half held down against his body he could barely reach back to swap it from one hand to the other.

His hand slipped, the roll of ribbon sprang out of his grip. Losing its tension, the neat curves of ribbon embracing his body drooped. Nicky sighed and began winding the ribbon back onto the roll, around and around until he was almost back where he started.

He tried again. And again. And again. The roll had a mind of its own. Each time he came close to completing the wrapping, it jumped from his grip.

Nicky bit back a curse. “Knew I should have bought a bloody box...”

He wound the ribbon again and tried for the sixth time to make the pattern he wanted. Around his thigh, in a bow around his now flourishing erection, up and around his body.

Bondage always got him worked up quickly—even self bondage. The ache in his crotch didn’t make it easier to concentrate on what he was doing, or to coordinate his hand movements.

Finally he did it. Finishing the ribbon off with a pretty bow around his wrists and tightening it with his teeth, Nicky smiled his satisfaction. A lock of hair fell down over his eyes. Nicky glared at the blond strands, going cross-eyed in the attempt. He tried to lift his hand to push it back, but couldn’t quite manage it in his ribbon restraints. He sighed and put his hands back on his lap.

As and when his master got up in the morning, he would probably push the lock of hair back out of his way.

A noise in the doorway made him look up.

Charles blinked sleepily at him. It was still completely dark outside, only the lights from the tree broke the gloom. He should be in bed for a few hours yet, but as Nicky watched, the sleepiness faded away from Charles’s eyes to be replaced with amusement and desire.

“I wondered where you’d got to,” Charles observed, walking over to him. He spotted the gift tag.

“For me?” he teased.

As if Nicky would ever offer himself to anyone else that way.

Charles turned the tag over. “To my master, with love, Nicky.” His lips lifted into a smile. He crouched down and stroked Nicky’s cheek with the back of his knuckles. “And do you come with instructions or may I do whatever I want with you?”

“Whatever my master wants,” Nicky whispered.


Oh, and one last thing, before I go...

Thanksgiving Leaves

Kim Dare.

Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?

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Crissy said...

Sounds wonderful Kim! I can't wait to read the book, and a BIG Congrats on your first release!!!

Crissy Smith

Letting the WILD out...

Lisabet Sarai said...

Oh, fabulous, Kim! Such a great, sexy, human scene. I hope that your first release is a huge success!

(And thanks for the plug!)

Holiday hugs,

Kim Dare said...

Thanks for stopping by guys.

I'm counting the days until it comes out! :)