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Up until this year, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. So, what changed, you ask.

Someone in our school district had the bright idea of declaring the entire week a holiday instead of just two days. What were they thinking???

I now have three bored children home all day AND I have to clean house in preparation for having friends and family over on Turkey Day. Needless to say, the clean house is simply a dream that ain't gonna come true. Since it's a 'vacation' for the kids, I feel obligated to do things with them. Today we took a trip to the courthouse (I had papers to drop off there) and spent a little time talking to the elderly and garrulous security guard (oh, yeah, he is such a character that I'm sure he'll show up in one of my WIPs).

Tomorrow, we're going to the local cat house. No, get your mind out of the gutter -- not THAT type of cat house! LOL. Our field trip will be to the local Exotic Feline Breeding Compound. The kids will be watching leopards and other exotic big cats playing, eating, and sleeping in the sun. Me...I'll be doing research for the cat shifter story I'm plotting.

Wednesday will find us terrorizing Paint-A-Dream at the mall and on Friday, after the big feast, we'll be heading off to the circus.

Then, when the kids go back to school next week, I'll finally have my "vacation" and can get back to writing more than an hour a day ~

Ericka Scott

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